Zenegra is a generic drug popularly from category of drugs called Generic Viagra. It is an immediate treatment for impotence problem that arise in men. Zenegra has sildenafil citrate as its main ingredient which is also a fast impotence inhibitor. The most used strength of Zenegra is 100mg. In all respects, Zenegra shows results that are similar to the brand medicine although the strength and color may vary. A person can obtain the benefits of this impotence drug, 20-30 minutes after its intake. Zenegra contains sildenafil citrate in the same proportion as its branded counterpart. Zenegra is also known as 100mg sildenafil citrate regular tablet. Zenegra helps men to maintain long lasting erection for up to a time period of 3-4 hours. To buy Zenegra online is easy and men can treat their impotence problem using this erectile dysfunction tablet for erectile care.

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Information on Dosing Tips for Zenegra

A proper dosing concept should be followed while making use of a Zenegra pill. Zenegra should be used only after medical prescription. The most recommended dose of Zenegra is 100mg. This dose of Zenegra pill can be consumed with a glass full of water. Zenegra shows the desired results if this impotence pill is consumed after taking an advice from a medical practitioner. A pill of Zenegra once in a day may serve wonders for men suffering from impotence disorders. The active content present in Zenegra is sildenafil citrate. A Zenegra tablet is manufactured under medical guidelines. It is a good and sound practice to use Zenegra tablet an hour prior to the activity as Zenegra tablets takes this much time to show its effects. Zenegra is an oral medicine and with a single intake of this tablet, erections can be experienced for up to 4-5 hours. To experience better and long lasting results, Zenegra pill should be consumed as a whole. Crushing or chewing this pill may show instant results which may not last for the specified duration of time. For Zenegra to work in a wise manner, it is necessary that this drug should be stored in a cool, moist free and a dry place which is far away from direct sunlight exposure. All these things may affect the working ability of Zenegra Pill.

What Precaution is necessary while purchasing Zenegra Tablets?

Zenegra is used on regular basis may become a habit. This habit of daily using a Zenegra for enhancing sexual ability may prove fatal. Hence, it is suggested that Zenegra tablet should not be used regularly. If such practice is followed regularly, this may reduce the body response time towards this drug and in future the same strength may not cause the desired erections. Zenegra contains sildenafil citrate, so people who are allergic to sildenafil compounds should not use this drug. Apart from that, Use of alcohol, grape juice, grapes is fatal if a person is consuming this drug. If you are on a medicine that contains nitrates, it is better to seek a medical advice before you decide to buy Zenegra online. Men who suffer from Peyronie disease must not consume this medicine for ED treatment. It is better to avoid heavy and fat rich diet once you have taken this drug. Zenegra is a tablet for male use only and women as well children should be kept as far as possible from this drug. Men with major health disorders like diabetes, cancer and heart attacks etc should not consume this drug without a proper medical guidance. Not more than a single dose of Zenegra should be taken within 24 hours as it may cause some side effects.

What side effects arise, if a Zenegra tablet is consumed?

Like Every Pill, Zenegra also has some minor but rare side effects which go away with time. The minor side effects may be counted as: stomach aching, head ache, color blindness, body rashes, blur vision, body fatigue, head-ache, vomiting, and drowsiness. These minor side effects vanish as the time proceeds. To minimize these side effects it is necessary to ensure the body’s adaptability towards sildenafil citrate. To do this, a small of Zenegra like 50mg composition may be used. Although these side effects are minor, it is wise to have a medical advice before consuming a Zenegra tablet. It is rare but if a person observes some serious health problems like heart beat irregularly, abnormal blood pressure and breathing problem, heart attacks then he should ask for a doctor.

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