Lovegra is a female sexual dysfunction treatment drug. Sildenafil Citrate is present in this medicine. This drug is known as female generic Viagra. Manufactured by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals this medicine is pink colored tablet hence it is called as Pink Kamagra. On its intake, it results in vaginal arousal which treats female dysfunction. In female sexual dysfunction, the vaginal parts become in sensitive to any stimulation. Sildenafil Citrate present in lovegra causes an excitement. As a result, females are able to experience a pleasurable intercourse with this pink kamagra pill. Buy Cheap Lovegra tablet at  It is an approved drug for female impotence. Drug is generic to female Viagra. Specially prepared for women, this medicine is also popular as women Viagra. Women sexual dysfunction is result of lack of adequate blood flow into the vaginal parts of women. Medication enhances the blood flow process which in turn treats women inability to perform.

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How and How much to Take Lovegra?

Women remedy increases the blood supply into the vaginal section of a female sexual system. Drug also makes the sexual parts of a female sensitive to the any resistance caused during the intercourse. As a result, female are able to experience pleasure during the love making activity. Intake of this drug induces nitric acid into the vaginal veins which helps in pleasurable activity. The initial recommended dose of lovegra is 100mg. The same strength of the medication is sold at So, to treat female dysfunction, buy Lovegra online at this pharmacy. One pill in a day is the recommended dose of this generic drug. The dose should only be increased on medical advice. If the prescribed dose is not resulting in desired outcome, consult a doctor. Do not overdose as this may cause side effects. Sound method of the pill intake is, take this pill with a glass of water or any other neutral solvent or health drink that does not exhibit any chemical interaction with Sildenafil Citrate.

What are the Side Effects of Lovegra 100mg?

Lovegra is a female generic Viagra with sildenafil citrate being its major contributor for erectile dysfunction treatment. Drug has mild side effects that eradicates with time. Mild side effects of this drug that go away with time are: irregular heartbeats, headache, body pain, body ache, vomiting, bluish eyes, blur vision, dizziness, pain in vaginal parts, color blindness etc. Major side effects may be heart attack, strokes. These side effects are rarely experienced. In the situation, where these side effects are observed, a consultation with a doctor is the wisest thing to do.

What precautions are important to buy Pink kamagra, Female Viagra Online?

Precautions are necessary and important, irrespective of any drug nature. Lovegra has mild side effects and it is a completely safe medicine. However, Lovegra tablet also has some precautions associated with it. Remedy has sildenafil citrate therefore females who are allergic to this component should avoid this drug. Nitrates show chemical interaction with sildenafil citrate, therefore; female must avoid this drug if already under prescription of medicine that contain nitrates. Alcohol, grape juice, grapes, heavy diets, meat, fish are the one to avoid with this tablet. This medicine is especially for female hence males should not use this drug. Children should strictly be kept away from this drug. Adequate storage of this drug is fairly important. Keeping this drug in a dry place, moisture free place and at room temperature are really good practices to follow. Direct sunlight may affect the chemical efficiency of this pill, hence this pill should be preserved in a cool place away from direct sun rays.  Use this drug, after checking the expiration period. Expired pills must be dumped in a safe way. Beginners must consult their doctor before they buy lovegra.

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