Caverta is a product of leading generic medication manufacturer Ranbaxy. Drug contains Sildenafil Citrate in 100mg strength which is also a major part of its brand counterpart Viagra. It is used for the treatment of male impotency or erectile dysfunction problems. Medication is used by both young as well as old men. This pill has effects lasts up to 5 hours. Generic pill is famous because of its cheap price and longer erection. It is capable of producing hard rock erections lasts up to 4 – 6 hours. With Caverta old men can again enjoy love making moments like their younger age and feel the magic of generic medication. Caverta Online is easy to find and purchase. provides best quality drug at reasonable prices. Men can Buy generic medications online from and treat their male impotency problems.

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Caverta Dosing Tips

Caverta is a generic medication which is consumed by men to treat ED problems.  It is recommended to take doctor’s opinion before taking this generic medication. However, if you do not have prescription you can directly buy caverta online and start consuming just by knowing some important facts. One tablet of this generic medication is sufficient for a day. Do not take more than single tablet of the drug in any case. Its working is same just like other types of Generic Viagra. It inhibits PDE5 enzymes and increases the quantity of cGMP enzymes, because of cGMP enzymes, more blood is flowing in to the penis and that cause erection. Generic pill start producing its effects after half an hour. offers you the best in quality and less in price. Buy today and get rid of erectile dysfunction problems easily.

Caverta precautions

Keep away from the reach of minors or infants. Nitrates with Caverta are not allowed as this may leads to heart failure. Do not operate heavy machinery after taking the medicine. It should be used only by impotent men. Women should also keep away from this drug. Remember one important point that this generic pill does not provide any protection from HIV and STD’s. Alone Caverta does not provide erection you should have some sexual urge only then you can get stronger and harder erection.
Men who are suffering from allergy because of sildenafil citrate then do not take this medication. Store this generic medication under room temperature. Always check the expiry date. Do not break the medication in parts. For the best results of this medication take dose of Caverta before half an hour and avoid some heavy meal and any type of alcohol.

Caverta Side Effects

Although Caverta is a wonderful generic drug for the treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction, it has some bad sides also. Stomach upset and headache are the common side effects of this generic drug. However these side effects are temporary but still if they persists for long time you should consult your doctor. In case of overdose of this drug you may also suffer from minor heart attack. Flushing face, eye blurredness, body aching are very common types of side effects. For more information about the generc pill you can visit

It is a generic drug manufactured by Ranbaxy that not only treats male impotence but also gives them confidence to live their life again with full of joy and happiness. It is very easy to buy Caverta 100mg online. With this generic remedy many men can get their manhood back. Order cheap Caverta from and treat your men impotence without any fuss.

How to Store the Medication

Store this generic remedy under the room temperature and place it in the cool or dry place. Direct sunlight is bad for the drug hence keep the caverta away from the direct sun light. No matter, it is a generic drug but if you store and use it properly, it will give you the best results.
Customer’s Words about Caverta:

James Martin – USA

I was searching online for the treatment of my sexual weakness problem. I found Caverta pills at When I took first pill, it took half an hour to show its power. I must say it is powerful generic medication and is best for male impotence treatment.

Jacob Nakota – USA

No matter it is a generic version of brand Viagra, yet it is powerful, safe and is available at at very cheap rates.  I have tried other generic versions of Viagra, but I must say, there is no comparison of Caverta with any other version of brand Viagra. Try it to get the safe treatment of impotence.