Glaucoma is a severe eye disease. People affected with glaucoma need great care and effective treatment to overcome the disease else optic nerves may damage permanently and lead to blindness. Optic nerves are whole and sole of eyes as they serve retina and any damage to the nerves lead to blur vision or in worse case cecity. A drug called bimatoprost is best solution to cure glaucoma. It is a proper prescribed medication treatment for the eye problem and is highly effective. Glaucoma usually affects old people, but can be encountered by adults and youngsters too. The drug can be used by anyone, however, need to be taken on doctor’s advice only. Glaucoma is characterized by accumulation of fluid in both eyes or in one eye. The fluid pressurizes eyes optic nerves. Getting rid of this fluid is necessary for eye health. Bimatoprost disposes of the fluid from eye, thus helps in getting rid of glaucoma.
Eyelash hypotrichosis is also an eye problem. Eyes get nude look without eyelash. Take bimatoprost regularly to get back eyelashes. The drug comes in solution for treating eyelash hypotrichosis and needs to be applied as per the instruction. Lumigan is the major ingredient of bimatoprost. This medication treats two of the major eye problems and is popular for its efficient working.

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Bimatoprost- Course of action

For Glaucoma

Bimatoprost is a solution drug. It is suggested to be taken in the evening at the same time every day. Evening is the best time for this medication. This prescribed drug should be taken in the exact amount as suggested. Do not play with the drug drops and stick to the recommended dose only. Refer the label of the drug for further dosage instructions.

Wait for minimum 15 minutes before instilling the drops in the eye(s) if wearing contact lenses. Again wear back the lenses after 15 minutes. Even if using other eye solutions, it is needed to give gap between the two doses. Hands should be clean before using bottle. Slightly tilt head backwards and make a pouch of eyes for instilling drops. Without touching the dropper instill the drops in eyes. Contaminated dropper can affect eyes leading to severe eye problems. Keep eyes close for few minutes.

For Eyelash Hypotrichosis

Doctor prescribes the drug to apply on the eyelash area. Apply the drug as suggested and in the same amount. Bimatoprost makes the drug noticeable with regular use turning them into longer, thicker and darker.

How to cover up for missed dose or overdose?

Missed dose needs to be taken as soon as remember about it. However, skip the dose in the case it’s time for the next one. Try not to forget the dose for faster and quicker results.

Overdose of the drug can be harmful to eyes. Seek medical help in emergency.

Prior taking the drug

Bimatoprost is not for people or say not safe for people who have allergy with its main component i.e. Lumigan. You need to make sure with your physician about it before using the drug for your eye problem.

People with other eye problems need to tell their physician about it. It helps in verifying whether bimatoprost is safe for you or not.

In case of swelling or infection in eye also you need to inform your doctor.

Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should take the drug on doctor’s recommendation all alone.

16 years and above can only use bimatoprost.

Adverse Effects, If Any

All medications in the market have their unwanted effects. Bimatoprost is no exception. However, they happen only to a handful of users and mostly are generally minor, only a few are serious causing inconvenience.

Minor side effects of bimatoprost include- itchiness, redness, dry eyes, burning sensation, irritation, headache and teary eyes. All these symptoms have short stay in the body. However, if seem to stay for longer, consult physician.

Serious side effects of bimatoprost are- light sensitivity, pink eye, swelling, changes in vision, pain in eyes and severe discharge from eyes. Right away stop the usage of the drug and seek medical help. Serious side effects may damage eyes severely, so do away with them immediately.

Storing and Disposal Tips

Bimatoprost should not be freeze down. An optimal temperature of around 25 to 30 degree is fine. Extreme heat or excess moisture is harmful for it. Air tight container is needed to store the medication. Store it away from pets and children’s reach. Make sure no one else use your drug. Only use the prescribed dose.

Outdated drug needed to be cast away. Do not keep it at home. However, do not flush the drug. Dispose it off rightly.

Good Words

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