Healthy Foods for Healthy Weight Gain

When it comes to the issue of having to gain weight, there are people who believe that being underweight is the best. According to medical experts, being underweight is as dangerous as being an obese. This means that if you fall in either category then you could be putting your life at risk without knowing. This is because being underweight isn’t something that is normal and as such; shouldn’t be ignored by anyone that wants to live a healthy life.

In case you happen to be still wondering what could be making you underweight; here are just a few of them: Diabetes, eating disorders, Celiac disease, Infections, cancer and others. The major thing here is to ensure that you strike a balance between obesity and underweight to be on a safe side.

Here Is the Good News

The fortunate part of all these is the fact that you don’t need to consult any doctor for some professional pieces of advice regarding healthy weight gain. This is because this post will be showing you everything that you need to know. It will be helping you to discover some foods that you can start taking into your system from today for a healthy weight gain.

Eat More Protein

Protein is all about the muscles. This implies that it helps in burning extra calories that may want to end up as fats in your system. It has been researched and discovered that whenever enough protein is consumed, many calories are always converted to muscles in the human body.

Another thing that protein does when consumed is that it helps to reduce your level of appetite as well as hunger significantly. By so, you will not be able to get excess calories. If your body contains lots of calories, you should try to take in 0.8 – 1grams (of protein).

Some examples of protein foods are: dietary products, eggs, nuts, fish, meats and lots more. You can even take protein supplements when you are short of the required protein in what you take into your system on a daily basis.

Increase Your Food Intake

It doesn’t really matter what any expert must have told you in the past as you will not achieve a healthy weight gain when you don’t eat as often as you can. Are you the type that likes avoiding meals? Or even when you eat you prefer taking a few snacks and that is it? Then your health is in serious trouble.

Don’t skip meals when trying to gain health weight. This can only be a great option when you want to lose weight and not the other way round. Also, you can try consuming that energy – dense snacks such as potatoes, yams, chicken, lamb, almonds, peanuts, dried fruits, whole milk, granola and avocados.

Carbs and Fats Will Help a Lot

Do you know that it is a wrong idea trying to avoid carbohydrate when you want to add some pounds? If you do this then there is absolutely no way that you can add weight because you aren’t taking in plenty of calories.

Eat Foods with Spices and Condiments

This is a secret that most people aren’t aware of. Although, processed foods can help you gain weight healthily when being brought under some serious control, you may not want to take them in large quantities. This means that you may not have the appetite to eat them on a consistent basis for some positive results.

In such a case, what you need are single ingredients foods that contain lots of spices and condiments. The reason for this is that they make the food to be very tasty which increases your appetite. You want to consume more.

Drink Plenty of Water

This can really help most especially when you haven’t taken your meals. This is because you can’t take in enough calories as your stomach will be filled with water. Just make it a lifestyle to drink plenty of water before any meal and you will see the amazing effects.