Food for a balanced Diet

Is there a need to spice up your love life?

Like various health problem one may even affect his love life by just not eating the right thing. Like other aspect of our health, incorrect food can also affect our sex drive. Brain is said to be the main sex organ that majorly govern our sex drive, mentally and physically. Deficiency of certain brain chemical may affect your sex drive.

Several food ingredients are important to maintain a balanced diet, so you can increase r decrease their intake as needed, such that your brain is able to create brain chemistry and enhance your sex life. Let’s find out which food is good for us and hampers our sex life.


Watermelon is high in amino acids; this helps us improve the flow of blood to the heart and the male sex organ.


Oyster contains huge amount of zinc, which increase sexual drive, production of sperms, testosterone, and boost immune system.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that works within the brain as a natural mood booster.


Avocado is high in the amount of folic acid. It is essential to built in energy and stamina. It increases both male and female libido.


Celery is an excellent food for sexual stimulation. It releases androsterone, a powerful odorless hormone through male perspiration that naturally turns women on.


Ginger increases the circulation of blood in your body and boosts libido.


Asparagus is very high in vitamin E and acts like a libido booster, it play a an important role in sex drive for both male and female.


Granola contain is high in the amount of L-Arginine that is helpful to improve sexual function and helps then main erection.

Bananas and pineapple

They are rich in enzyme and helps men as a mood maker.


Chilies are hot since they are full of capsaicin that increases the flow of blood and acts like a mood enhancer.


Fig is high in amino acids, which improves your sexual stamina and boost your libido.


Salmon contains a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This helps to boost circulation of blood and a healthy sex life can be experienced, due to increase flow blood.


Nuts are high in the level of fatty acids, and L-Arginine to enhance the circulation of blood and erection in men.


Basil is well-known as s sexdrive stimulator and increase female fertility.


Champagne will arouse your libido and will help you keep your arteries open for a better flow of blood. Make sure to drink it responsibility.

Easy diet tips to be a Healthy Sexual Life

Weight loss is never really an easy to do task. At times when you will feel it’s important for you to go on a healthy diet and to start preparing for it and fear that even your family would have to eat this, then it can really become difficult for you. If ever you find yourself in such a situation then there is definitely a much easier solution to it that you may even think of. Well, with this diet your family will not go on a diet but, they will definitely stating eating a much healthier meal that you may prepare. By making these changes you and your family; you have to make sure that you stick to your goal and your family eats healthier as well.

For e.g. while preparing a sandwich for yourself you can pay attention to the cuts of meat or the amount of cheese that you are using to prepare a sandwich. To get some more health benefits you can switch off from the frying preparation method to other methods such as roasting, grilling, baking, and boiling. This can be an extremely effective method for you to lose weight and keep your body free from extra fats.
Whether you are dieting or not, vegetable are beneficial for all. So add more and more vegetable to your menu, since is the only true way to lead healthily. Instead of preparing food with lots of butter and cheese you can always opt for other tasty method. You can steam them and seasoned them with some herbs and spices; this will definitely give a tasty and a healthy alternative to fats and calorie laden vegetable.

Until and unless you do not get on a very strict carbohydrate diet, grain will actually be good for your weight loss plan and will form a healthy part of your family eating routines. Choose for grains that are healthy instead of those that are high in sugar. Prefer eating whole grain breads, rolls and brown rice. Choose them not just because they are healthy but because they are tasty as well.

If you really want to uplift you’re eating habits and create a healthier routine for you and your family. They the above mention changes in your eating habits will make an outstanding change in your health that you not only be loved by you but also by your family and your friends. With these habits you will surely built and stronger you and your family.

As a relief from long hot blazing summer we would undoubtedly like to welcome the monsoon. Along with pleasing climate and cold breeze it also bring lots of season health risk that may affect your health. In this heavenly weather, we often forget about various hygiene practices such carelessness will lead us to suffer from various health problems such as fever, upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, food poisoning, viral fevers, allergies, infections, etc. Therefore it is very important for you to be hygiene conscious and take special care about your diet during the rainy season.

Although experts say that these health problem that one may suffer during the rainy season can be easily treated and avoided by taking up good habit and follow a proper healthy diet plan. All the above mentioned health problems can go at high risk if you do not give heed to your dietary habits. Most of the diseases that people suffer during the monsoon season are waterborne therefore it becomes utmost important to drink boiled and purified water during these days.
Many dietitians suggest that the humidity level in our body decreases during the monsoon season because of it the capability of the body to digest also decreases. Therefore in such a situation it is advisable for you to avoid heavy and oily food because the digestion may become week and leave you with an upset stomach. Eat street food must be strictly avoided to stay away from falling ill during the monsoon season.

During monsoon we should try concentration on a light diet. You may include an increases intake of green leafy vegetables which improves your immune system besides it is light on stomach. Both seasonal and non season fruits are perfect from this season as they help you restore energy. Remember before consuming any fruit or vegetable make sure that you are washing then thoroughly so that it does not carries any impurities or infection.

Avoid eating stale (a day-old) food or pre-cut fruits or anything kept in open as it may carry lots of bacteria and other impurities from the atmosphere. Eating fresh food and hot soups can be deliciously healthy for your body during the monsoon season. Reduce the intake of dairy products during monsoon as they are maximum susceptibility to contamination by germs.

Fungal and bacterial infections are out of control because of the humid climate. These moist weather breeds infections and invites diseases such as dengue, typhoid, malaria, jaundice, etc. Try and eat hot and properly home cooked food only. Make sure that you are covering the food and do not expose it to the air. Always keep yourself hygiene conscious and wash your hands before eating your food.
There are many skin allergies that can also soar in this weather therefore people who are frequently prone to allergies mist keep a strict check on their diet. Excess of spicy food must be strictly avoided because spicy food stimulated the circulation of blood and rises the body temperature which then leads to various skin irritation, allergies and diseases.

Humidity is said to be the main cause of many skin diseases. Oily skin is more prone to cause harmful skin infections such as boils, pyodera, change in skin color, rashes, dullness of skin, and patchy skin, etc. Drinking ample amount of water is the only effective way to keeping these problems at bay. So, follow these safe eating tips and stay healthy to enjoy this monsoon season.