Quick triumph over erectile dysfunction

Generic Viagra is a renowned drug therapy for male sexual syndrome called erectile dysfunction. The drug treatment involves no pain at all. A tablet of generic Viagra is required to be popped with water and that’s all. Generic Viagra has a potential to treat ED within 30 minutes. Branded Viagra and generic Viagra are two sides of the same coin. They only differ in shape and color. Effectiveness of both the drugs is unparalleled and works in the same degree. The active ingredient element in generic Viagra is Sildenafil citrate, similar to branded Viagra. Sildenafil citrate is used to treat erectile dysfunction and it is excellent in the same.

Generic Viagra is all about treating erectile dysfunction. Its main component Sildenafil is the main force behind making it hit. Sildenafil citrate belongs to the class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors (phosphodiesterase type 5). These drugs work by preventing the working of a chemical named PDE5. PDE5 is the main cause behind erectile dysfunction in men. Secretion of PDE5 enzyme in men’s body is the cause of impotency in men. This enzyme blocks blood supply to the penis area, without which erection is just impossible. Generic Viagra helps in the depletion of PDE5 enzyme and this way making men free from impotency.

A process of attaining erection for intercourse seems to be easy, but in actual it is a complex process. Erection achievement process starts from a sexual urge to sending signals to the brain and in return the release of certain chemicals in the body. An important chemical release in the body to achieve erection is the enzyme cGMP. Impotency is perpetual; hence it turns penis muscles and arteries hard, thus making it difficult for the blood to come near penile region. cGMP enzyme applies force and pushes blood towards penis. A release of a chemical in the body by using generic Viagra called nitric oxide makes arteries and muscles soft. Softness in penile muscles helps in easy blood flow in.

Generic Viagra is a drug that gives erection without creating magic. This drug works in a natural manner in the body. For coming into action the drug needs sexual urge in the body. Once the drug mixes in the body, it initiates working by sending signal to the nervous system. The brain further releases nitric oxide and also a required enzyme cGMP. Thus, generic Viagra is all natural. However, the drug works efficiently. Take it one hour before the intercourse with water. Do not break the pill. Take a pill as a whole for quick and efficient results. Sexual urge is prerequisite for the drug to treat ED. Generic Viagra is impeccable solution to impotence, but only if all the instructions are followed by the book.

Men above the age of 60 are required to take extreme caution with generic Viagra. The drug is definitely for all aged ED men; however, elderlies need medical attention in every step. Likewise, men with health disorders and diseases related to kidney, liver and heart also need to be extra cautious while taking the drug. Let your doctor delve into your medical history. Also, diabetics, high blood pressure patients and others should be careful. Nitrates have tendency to react with generic Viagra, hence do not take it in any form while taking the ED drug treatment. Men feeling allergic to the drug need to stop the drug usage and first see their doctor. Dizziness is a commonly associated sign with this drug, so, do not keep any task for post drug intake. These directions are important to conform to for safe going with generic Viagra.

Generic Viagra helps in winning the battle of erectile dysfunction in a quick and safe manner. Men feel lucky to have this drug treatment. There is a great need to be aware about ED treatments like generic Viagra as it is imbecile to remain in darkness and keep suffering from impotence. Use generic Viagra and be in safe hands. The drug can be ordered online in just one click.  To shop generic Viagra online is much in fashion nowadays and has made men’s life easier. Order can be placed anytime. Get rid of erectile dysfunction within minutes now.