Neutral Health Triangle – Physical, Mental and Social

Health is state of individual mental and physical condition of being free from health tribulations and various disquiets. Besides it is a affirm condition of metamorphosis calibrate of a human being mostly. A homo feels healthy unless they are not encountered to certain major disquiets or injuries in their life. In actual real health be and conciliate {pacify} of intact body and livelihood being of an individual alike your mind considerations, victuals, internal chemical science, complexion, physical and emotion state, your teeth, hair, limbs, etc- etc all this are considered as a literal bunch of health.

Many consider and define health in various parts a few defines it as a accomplished task of physical, mental and social well being minus any infirmity whereas some defines and correlates it with personal satisfaction and nothing beyond that. But all such definition has not been accepted and been a controversial matter in particular because it lacks operational values in such. Subsequently, all health related activities are looked after by our health care provider in order to sustain and uphold robustness significantly. In addition to health care intervention regarding human health status certain other subsistence aspects are considered and known to impair it like background {Economic and social}, Spiritualism, lifestyle and certain community groups widely even Stress is considered one of the most influential aspect that have huge impact on human health.

Certainly, to affirm and lead healthy lives there are three key aspects of LIVES that should be balanced out simultaneously and i.e., “PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND SOCIAL”. All this three aspect mainly consists of detrimental and beneficial things of our daily live such as;

• Physical aspect consists of internal chemistry of a human being

• Mental aspect consists of psychological {mental and emotional} chemistry of human being

• And Social aspect consists of behavioral science or behavioristic psychology {interacting socially with people} of human being etc.

Fulfilling all this sub-aspects of life will certainly head you towards healthy life and life-style consequently. Perhaps, balancing all this aspects and their sub-aspects is a complete task on its whole. So therefore there is indeed a need to set certain destines and guidelines bearing on its implementation. Plus to achieve and sustain a balance health triangle it is of necessitates, impinging on an absolute balance between the main three aspects of health {life}.
Physical Health (internal chemistry plus physical scrutiny}

Physical health is the most oblivious and eye-catching influential aspect and prejudice of neutral health triangle. Our entire physical is far more than getting cool and around the day. Our physical health comprises of our physical calibrate of working and visual aspect of our consistency and allied essential components like kidney, limbs, lungs, teeth, eyes, hair, intestines and so on. It is of import to sustain health of all this essential body components, since health tribulations merely begins with small hits gradually moving into bigger. Frequently check on your physical health to dodge this fatal big tribulation of health ahead. You quickly notice when there is an abrupt interruption in your health in a similar way if you sense insensitive declines or shortfall in breathing spell, organic chemical process, walks and so on.

It seems and hits mind enable to think there is something wrong with the health at time and our mind certainly cause an abrupt attention over it. Sincerely watch out for the harsh loud ringing bells of uncertainty having to do with your health. By maintaining things under medical guidelines can surely aid you to evade detrimental things and big health troubles merely. Keep eye on your glucose, Blood pressure and stress level constantly get examined intermittently for betterment. Do regular physical workout assigned by your health care provider similarly “ Eat healthy stay healthy” do not indulge in food that might put at you life risk eat more of green veggies and fruit and give more preference and place to them in your diet.

Mental Health {Emotional plus spiritual scrutiny}

What we think and how we react to particular thing obviously amends and affects our body physically as well as chemically. Because every single thought and reaction of our body and mind has certain associated chemical reactive property that enacts shortly when we act so. The Stress that we imbibe through a feeling aids in stimulating chemical reaction in the consistency that heads and hits our physical health badly. In order to settle on or hold back this cognitive state {mind stipulation} one need to have a keen mind to deal with this trouble all-encompassing without hitting and impairing the physical health simultaneously. Certainly the mental aspect of health is probably a hard one to tackle with, but not as difficult as you think just follow simple steps take a time before you pass any comment or judgment similarly put in some efforts to gauge it without disturbing other sub-aspect of your life {health} shrewdly. Hence, adapt certain small changes in your decision making habits and lifestyle will put you at the right place where you should be from heart.

Social health {personal behavior plus interaction scrutiny}

All three aspects of health are evenly of import because distinguishability in any of the aspect can head uncertainty in balancing health triangle. As per certain presumption social interaction and behavioral virtue leads to positive effect on our well being. Alike our personal behavior and interaction in social groups and friends leads to trim down our stress ,elevation in mood, strike balance between ups and downs stipulation in a better way of life consequently. And plus a healthy hefty social life goes very well long way in endurance terms. In the time of sorrow’s it is very essential of essence to be surrounded by our loved ones and good friends to seek moral aid and support to tackle that situation timely especially without impacting health. Friends and companions enacts as moral and emotional support that personally aids in building our willpower and strength substantial vigorously. You can certainly augment your social relation and group by making, sharing and caring for people peculiarly new friends in social, gaming, jimmying etc groups which subsequently aids in nurturing relationships and friendship rewardingly.

However when two aspect of health triangle modifies the other subsequently follows it without any further interruption. Certainly, it depends on individual personal attitudes how he/she wants to live their life in coming years. Dulled and bored or exciting and enthusiastically, an individual with positive view point are seem to be more active and energetic than who don’t.