More About Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is referred to as persisted, recurring problems in sexual response and desire, pain during the act that causes distress in the relationship with your partner. During the life span, many women face problem in their sexual life. This type of disorder can either be lifelong or it can be acquired. Sexual health is calculated by the certain factors that include sexual response. Sexual response is generally characterized by various gestures such as physiology, emotions, experiences, lifestyle and belief in the relationship. Difficulty in any of the above may be a potential reason for occurrence of women sexual dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction is a common problem both for men and women. In women, this disorder is characterized by certain factor. Some of these factors include:

  • Pain: Pain in the sexual system during any stimulation or intercourse is common problem for women. This is sexual dysfunction which requires prime attention.
  • Improper Orgasm: Prolonged issue with orgasm disorder is a type of sexual dysfunction. It means that sexual organs are not having proper stimulation for orgasm to occur. Insufficient sexual arousal is also a major problem which results in women sexual dysfunction.
  • Lack of sexual desire: Lacks of interest in the sexual activity is one of the most common problems. This problem is itself a type of sexual dysfunction.

This health disorder is a problem that may occur due to a number of factors. These factors may be physical, hormonal, social or physiological. There are a number of health disorders such as cancer, heart disorders, problems in the gall bladder. These disorders can lead to the problem of sexual disorder in women.  Hormones have a big role to play in the sexual life of a woman. Sexual responsiveness may be affected by the release of estrogen. Low level of estrogens after the menopause may hamper the responsiveness of tissues. This can lead to decreased blood flow in the pelvic region. Low level of blood can increase the time needed for sexual arousal and this can hamper a woman’s sexual life. It is a known fact that depression, stress, strain and anxiety can always be a contributing factor for woman sexual dysfunction.

Generally, A sexual dysfunction is a state is response cycle of a person where he/she is unable to have complete satisfaction during the occurrence of the activity. Any sexual response cycle has primarily four phases that include excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. A problem at any stage of this cycle can lead to sexual dysfunction. In a recent study, it is claimed that approximately 51 % of women face this problem. This is health disorder is quite common however the treatment is easy and quite possible. There are a number of medications available in the market to treat woman sexual dysfunction. Lovegra is one such medication. Chemically lovegra contains sildenafil citrate. This medication boosts blood flow into the female sexual region. Increased flow increases the responsiveness of female genital muscles. It boosts contraction during sexual intercourse. Sildenafil Citrate tablets also boost the sexual arousal in a female body. This boosts a health sexual relationship.

Additionally, there are other many ways to treat sexual dysfunction in women. The non-medical techniques of treatment include talking, counseling. Good healthy lifestyle habits are also effective for treating this problem. Other include using lubricants, sexual devices during the act to boost arousal. The medical treatments include estrogen therapy and androgen therapy. The estrogen therapy is available in the form of a ring, cream and tablets. The other therapy (Androgen therapy) includes testosterone. Although controversial, it may benefit a small number of women.

Treating woman sexual dysfunction includes healthy lifestyle habits too. Habits such as avoiding use of alcohol, avoiding smoking, exercising daily, stress removal techniques are also equally effective. Apart from this, Yoga is also a good way of treating this problem although there is a very little data on this fact.Sexual dysfunction is a curse whether it is a man or a woman. The treatment is easy, reliable. With all the treatments available in the market and with some healthy habits the prognosis for treatment is achievable to the maximum.