Important Facts about Generic Drugs

People usually have a skeptical approach towards generic drugs. They are cerebrated to be fake and bogus. Though this perception has changed a lot over the years, but, still a lot more is needed to be changed. Before forming an attitude towards them, it is wise to first understand what actually generic drugs are and how do they work. In fact, trying them would be the best way to understand them and their nature. However, theoretical knowledge is also equally important. Here is a description about generic drugs in detail. Hope this article helps to change perception towards generic drugs.

What are generic drugs?

If the answer to this question is fathomed properly, half of the problem is solved. Generic drugs are the drugs that have previously been marketed under the brand name. When patent of their branded counterparts meet an expiry, other manufacturers come up with their generic versions. Generic drugs have various manufacturers. Tampering with the original nature of the drug is not permitted while coming up with generic versions. Manufacturers have to specially take care of it. In order to maintain the original nature, dosage, safety, strength, mode of administration, drug quality and performance have to be kept exactly the same. In short, generic medications are exact replica of their brand. In this way, these drugs work in the same manner like their brand, hence can be trusted upon.

Another point that gives rise to skepticism regarding generic drugs is their low price. Generic drugs are sold at substantial discounts of 80 to 85 percent. Point to understand here is; manufacturers of the brand of generic drugs have already spent large bucks on their marketing and manufacturing. Generic drugs manufacturers do not need to spend again on the same, hence can afford to sell the drug in low price. Clinical studies are also not required in the case of generic drugs applications to demonstrate safe and efficacy. Generic drugs are low priced, as research costs in their case is almost negligible. However, generic drugs are extremely genuine and have same therapeutic effect so to be approved by renowned bodies like FDA (food and drug administration) and WHO (world health organization). This increases their credibility all the more.

Generic drugs do not look like their branded versions, because according to the laws of trademark, a generic drug cannot look exactly like their brand or like drugs already prevailing in the market. Hence, though generic drugs and their brand share same components and are same in each and every respect, but cannot share the same appearance, shape, color and labeling. Generic medications also have different expiration date than their branded versions.

After a detailed piece of information on generic drugs, it is expected to use these drugs without keeping any disbelief in mind. Some popular generic drugs that are doing rounds around the world are men’s health drugs like generic Viagra, kamagra, suhagra, zenegra, Levitra etc, women health drugs, anti smoking generic drugs, eye health drugs and so on. There are generic drugs of all these health disorders. Taking generic drugs with prescription is required. These days’ physicians recommend generic medications as they are cost effective as well as work well.

One popular example of a well known generic drug is generic Viagra. It is used to treat the sexual disorder in men known as erectile dysfunction. Generic Viagra is also available under the brand name Viagra. However, generic Viagra has created high waves pertaining to its phenomenal results. Erectile issues do not bother men like before. Regaining virility is a matter of minutes for men now. Erections are sturdy and lasting to give 100 percent satisfaction to men and their partners. Credibility of the drug can be ascertained from their sale. It has a huge sale worldwide. Drug treatment is easy to go with as well as effective. Hence, it can be understood how effective generic drugs are.

Generic medications are choice of many in these times. 80 percent of drugs sold today are generics. It is a great step to save bucks. Generic drugs are pocket friendly as well as have same testing standards like their branded counterparts making them highly effective and god choice to opt for.