Importance of Nutrition

Nutrition is like a fuel that helps our body to perform all body functions properly. Nutrition that we get through our meals is necessary for the basic functions of our body. It helps us to stay healthy and fit. There are various food items that we eat everyday provide essential nutrition to our body so that we can do all kind of physical and mental task easily. Healthy and nutrition full food items protect our body from bacteria, viruses and disease causing agents. In our body the each cell of the body has its own work. For healthy living, all body cells have to perform their function properly. Healthy and nutritional diet not only helps us to stay healthy but also helps to protect us from all the diseases.

Why nutrition is important is a big question. In this article we will explain the importance of nutrition in our life. We are given so many lessons about the importance of nutrition in our school as well as at our home. Elders in our home who are suffering from diseases are often asked by doctors to consume nutrition full foods so that they can be healthy. Nutrition full diet is an essential part of our life. It doesn’t matter you are aged, adult or children. Nutritious diet is really important for everyone to stay healthy. Nutritionists often suggest eating a well balanced diet that can provide essential nutrients and minerals that are helpful for the growth of our body. For sports persons it is said to eat nutrition full foods as it is important to improve the stamina and endurance during the game.

A diet is not called nutrition full diet until it does not include all kind of essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. There are two types of nutrients. One is Micro nutrients and other one is macro nutrients. The function of micro nutrients in our body is smooth functioning of our body cells. At the other hand macro nutrients provide necessary energy to our body. An inappropriate diet triggers infections and in results you suffer from certain diseases like cardiovascular diseases etc.

The work of carbohydrates in our body is to provide energy so that you can perform all kind physical activities with full of strength. Although it is also suggested that one should not consume carbohydrates in excess amount as this nutrients can lead to weight gain that can be dangerous for you. Fats are important for our body but we are talking here about healthy fats not the fat that comes through junk foods. Hence it is important to consume sufficient fats in a healthy way.

Other nutrients like calcium, phosphorus etc. is also helpful for our body. Calcium gives strengthen to our bones while phosphorus is helpful to maintain the health of your heart. Sodium is also important for the overall development of the body. Iron supplies oxygen to the lungs and make it sure that all lungs are working properly.