Health Problems Caused by Diabetes Type 2

Whenever a person hears about the word “diabetes” the very first thing that comes into his/her mind is the “high level of blood sugar”. Isn’t it? Well! The blood sugar level in the human body is a frequently-miss judged element and if you didn’t keep a regular eye on it then it gets converted into diabetes. Diabetes influences the production of insulin in your body. Insulin is a hormone which helps in converting the sugar or glucose into the energy.
Before telling you about the health problems caused by the Diabetes Type 2, let us explain that how many types of diabetes exist.

There are mainly two types of diabetes that affect our body: Type 1 and Type 2.

Diabetes Type 1 is an immune system ailment in which the immune system of our body attacks the insulin-creating cells inside the pancreas and does not allow the body to produce insulin on its own. In fact, you need to take insulin for survival. Mostly young adult or child is diagnosed with this category of diabetes.

Diabetes Type 2 is associated with insulin resistance. Earlier this category of diabetes used to happen in the old age people but nowadays young people are also diagnosed with this category. It occurs due to the bad dietary habits, poor lifestyle and unhealthy living. You have to consume insulin medication in this case as the pancreas in your body stops the effective utilization of the insulin.

Health problems are caused by the Diabetes Type 2

People who suffer from diabetes also get higher chances of suffering from the other diseases. Below you can read about the major health problems that are caused by diabetes type 2:

1. Heart disease and stroke

Heart diseases are one of the main causes of the death of the people who suffer from diabetes. If you have the high level of blood sugar in the body then it can lead to the regular accumulation of fatty deposits which block and coarsen the blood vessel’s walls. The blocked blood vessels and can eventually result in the heart attack or a stroke.
It is not mandatory that everybody who has high sugar levels in the body have heart diseases. But if you are suffering from diabetes from past fifteen years then your chances of cardiovascular diseases are high. However, by doing regular exercise and eating the healthy diet you can overcome this issue easily.

2. Kidney disease
One of the major reasons for the kidney failure is diabetes type 2. More than half people who have diabetes show the sign of the problem of the kidneys in the early stage. In fact, family history of diabetes and high blood pressure increases your possibility of prolonged kidney disease. The high blood pressure increases the growth of diabetes. With the proper medication and diet, you can control your blood pressure easily.

3. Nerve damage
Type 2 diabetes can also cause nerve ailments named as neuropathies. The narrow blood vessels due to the fatty deposits can damage your nerves as you did not get proper nourishment and oxygen when needed. Diabetic neuropathy has the symptoms like numbness, pain or itchiness in toes, legs, fingers or arms. You may also suffer from the intestinal illnesses like upset stomach, nausea, or constipation.

4. Amputations
The diabetes type 2 can also cause amputations in the legs or feet owing to the contracted blood vessels. In such condition, the movement of blood to the lower body parts might not be good. It all results in the soreness in your legs and feet and as the time pass the condition get worse.

5. Loss of Vision
Diabetes type 2 can also result in the unusual growth or blockages in the eye retina‚Äôs blood vessels. The retina is that part of the eye which reads the pictures. The alterations in the retina’s blood vessels cause the problem of vision and also blindness in some cases. Persons suffering from the diabetes are more probable to develop severe diseases of eyes called glaucoma or cataracts.

If you want to reduce the risk of vision loss during diabetes, you must go for proper eye checkup once in a year. In case of any blurriness or strange spots, immediately contact your health professional. However, keeping the levels of blood sugar in the normal range is one of the best ways to avoid this problem from occurring.

To conclude, we just want to say that for the people suffering from diabetes should not only maintain the sugar levels for good health but also have healthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure in their body. You should live a healthy lifestyle, eat the balanced diet and do the regular workout.

One small tip: Your health problem should be under your control and does not let it control your body.