Health Harms Caused By Obesity

A slim and fit body is what everyone dreams of. It doesn’t only look good but it also keeps you healthy, saving you from various health issues. However, it takes more than just wishing to have a fit body, it takes efforts and time. You have to watch your diet and adopt an exercise routine. But it pays off really well at the end of the day. Not only you look good, you are bestowed with treasures of health as well.

While fitness has so many benefits attached to it, obesity is just the opposite. An obese person while doesn’t look attractive, obesity is a root cause of many modern day diseases, like heart problems, that may prove deadly for you.

Obesity is when your body mass index (BMI) becomes 30 or above. This is alarming and it shows that you have a poor control on your diet and probably living a sedentary life. This warrants many imminent diseases. This is why, you should never take obesity casual. Obesity itself is a disease which leads to many other deadly diseases as well. Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle is the way to cope with weight gain. Cut off on your junk food intake and turn towards more natural and healthy diet. Also, start some physical activity no matter how much you dislike it as it is the matter of life and death, not just fun.

Following are a few health harms caused by obesity.

Obesity Causes Diabetes

Diabetes is a very prevalent disease these days. Thousands of cases are emerging all over the world each day. This is an alarming situation and not to forget, obesity is a big cause behind diabetes type 2. Obesity causes insulin resistance in your body and insulin producing cells in your pancreas finally burn out due to this resistance. Lose your weight to avoid diabetes.

Obesity Causes Heart Diseases

Heart no doubt is one most important organ of the body. As its function is to pump blood, you cannot even walk or do a little exertion without it pumping properly. Obesity, however, has a very negative effect on your heart health and leads to problems due to high cholesterol that gets deposited in your blood vessels.

Obesity Causes Stroke

Stroke is a serious condition which can leave the person paralyzed. It occurs when your brain gets damaged because of not enough blood supply. When someone is obese, the high cholesterol in blood gets deposited in blood vessels, leading to narrowing. These narrowed blood vessels don’t supply enough blood to the brain and stroke occurs.

Obesity Can Cause Cancer

Yes, that is no myth! Obesity can actually cause you cancer. Obesity has the ability to disrupt hormonal balances and immunity in your body. Breast cancer, uterine cancer, intestinal cancer, and gall bladder cancer can be caused by obesity.

Obesity Causes Joint Problems

Your joints and bones have the responsibility to carry the weight of your body. When you become obese, only the fat in your body increases while your bone mass stays the same. Your bones now have to carry higher weight than their capacity and this can lead to damage. Osteoarthritis is the disease which is caused by obesity and is characterized by painful and damaged joints.

Obesity Causes Gall Stones

Gall bladder is a part of our digestive system which stores some juices that help in digestion. Obese people can develop stones in their gall bladder due to high cholesterol levels. These stones can cause severe pain.

Obesity Causes Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is characterized by absence of breathing for some time at night. The obese persons often suffer from it. First, the person snores loudly and then stops breathing at all. After some time, the person wakes up due to absence of breathing, the starts breathing again and goes back to sleep. This cycles repeats for the whole night. Sleep apnea leads to day time sleepiness, laziness, and fatigue. Weight loss can help curing this problem.

Obesity Causes Mental Disorders

When someone is obese, he or she has to face many situations. Due to laziness and low confidence, their social life is minimized. They have low self-esteem and isolate themselves from their friends and family. This leads to depression, stress, and anxiety. According to researches, rate of mental disorders is much higher in obese people than in fit people with body mass index (BMI) within normal ranges.