Generic Drugs versus Brand Drugs

From past few years, the sale of brand drugs worldwide is affecting a lot due to the introduction of the Generic drugs. So many brand drugs manufacturers have to lose their share of revenues because of the emerging opposing generic drugs making companies.

But on the other hand, it is beneficial news for the consumers as now they have got several options for their medicines. The generic medicines are viable at the low cost in the market in comparison to the brand drugs which is the main benefit of buying such drugs. However, before buying any generic drugs they must know the similarities and dissimilarities between the two.

Lots of people do not know that how brand drugs are similar as well as different from the generic drugs. Some of you might have some myths in your mind regarding the generic drugs also. Well! Don’t worry, as in this article we will clearly answer your queries.

Similarities Between Generic Drugs and Brand Drugs

The following are the few similarities between the generic drugs and the brand drugs which you should know:

  • Active Ingredient

Do you know what an active ingredient is? Well! It is a medicinal drug constituent which cures your illness. The generic drugs have the same active ingredients which the brand drugs have as they get them from the same supplier. The generic drugs also have to pass the same standards and regulations from which brand drugs usually passed. Thus, it means both the drugs have the same quantity of the active ingredient.

  • Quality

Both brand drugs and the generic drugs are manufactured by some private brands. They follow the same technique for making the quality drugs after full testing and formulation.

Safety and Effectiveness

The generic drugs also have to get authorization to sell from the health department as the brand drugs. The authorization of the drugs shows that the medicine is safe and effective to consume by the buyer.

  • Manufacturing Standards

The manufacturers of the generic drugs also have to follow the manufacturing standards guidelines which the brand drugs makers usually follow. The standard of the quality, potency, and purity of the product should match the optimum mark which is required for the selling authorization of the medicine.

Differences between Generic Drugs and Brand Drugs

The following are the few differences between the generic drugs and the brand drugs which will make you clear about the two drugs:

  • Difference in the price rate

The price of the generic drugs is low as compared to the price of the brand drugs. In fact, sometimes the price rate is almost 80 percent lower. The reason behind such difference is that the makers of the generic drugs do not have to spend money on doing the marketing, research, and development and the advertising of the drugs as the brand’s drugs manufacturers have already done that thing. The generic drug’s makers can only sell their drugs after the expiry of the patent rights of the brand drugs makers.

  • Looks different

As we have told you above that generic drug and the brand drugs use the same active ingredient but the only difference between the two of them is the content of the inactive ingredient like preservatives, flavors, dyes, taste, etc. Due to the usage of the different ingredients, the looks of the generic drugs becomes different from the brand drugs.

Some of you might have a myth in your mind that generic drugs are low quality than the brand drugs which is not true at all. They may come at the low price but that does not mean it consists of low-quality ingredients. In fact, the generic drugs work effectively in the same manner like which the brand drugs work. It is not mandatory that all the brand drugs have substitutes in the market in form of generic drugs. If the patents of the brand drugs are not yet expired then you might not get their generic version soon. As soon as the patents get expired any manufacturer can make such medicine with the permission. However, you should remember that if you want to replace your brand drugs with the generic drugs then do that only after consulting from your doctor.