Frequently asked questions about Erectile Dysfunction

What is the erectile dysfunction or male impotence malady?

Erectile dysfunction or ED is usually denoted as the problem of impotence in men that makes them unable to attain an erection at the time of sexual intercourse even if they are sexually aroused. In certain circumstances, the male becomes incapable to retain the erection for a long time and it is also known as premature ejaculation that can result in the issue of ED in the future. There are some cases in which the man attains the erection but not sturdy enough for completing the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

Does erectile dysfunction occur due to increasing men’s age?

There are some people who think that the issue of ED is an indication of getting old however it is not true at all times. The erectile dysfunction might happen in the males of younger ages. In reality, ED is also found in males who are having the age less than 40 years.

It is right that in the old age males the sexual stimulation is not high like the young men and that is why they might have to face the issue of ED. In certain circumstances owing to old age the vessels of blood begin to get damaged and at that time the blood becomes incapable to reach the area of penis correctly. You can also found the issues of heart problems in the old age men which make them the victim of ED later on. Actually, the males who are distress from the issue of blood vessels or heart at lesser ages can become the victim of erectile dysfunction. Therefore ED has further linked to health influences instead of the age aspects.

Can we prevent erectile dysfunction?

The men who desire to prevent the problem of ED have to find out the issue which is the main cause of ED. The key complication that leads to ED comprises heart disease. Besides this, the leading issue that is required to consider is the maintenance of the appropriate weight by consuming healthy food and quitting the habit of smoking or unnecessary consumption of alcohol. It will benefit in keeping the level of blood pressure and cholesterol to the low level. You should undergo the regular bodily check-up for blood pressure and cholesterol particularly after attaining the age of 35 years so as to prevent the occurrence of ED in the future.

Is it possible to cure erectile dysfunction?

It is one of the most common questions that are asked by the men these days. If you are thinking to cure the problem of ED only with the help of the medicines then, this might not be possible as the medicines will only help you in getting the strong erections at the time of sexual relationship but it will cure the ED for the lifetime. You have to meet your doctor once to know the exact reason behind the ED so that the right treatment can be provided to destroy the root cause of the issue.

What are the dissimilar methods for the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

There are dissimilar types of cure for the issue of erectile dysfunction. The first way is the usage of the medicine by the males like purchasing the generic Viagra online. Generic Viagra is a renowned pill which benefits in attaining the erection. It helps the man in getting the complete erection. Besides this, there are some other ED medicines which consist of Sildenafil and vardenafil that aids in curing the erection ailment.

Besides the above, there are few other ways that help in getting rid of the issue of erection such as penile injections, sex therapy, as well as surgery. You can also undergo the penile implantations which let you get the erection easily after the treatment.

At present, the oral medicines are verified to be adequately effective for getting the erection and it is used by lots of men all over the world. There are diverse dosages of these ED medicines such as generic Viagra of 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg that consist of the active component called Sildenafil citrate in the similar power. This drug is quite powerful for the men suffering from the extreme issue of ED.

Coverage of Insurance for the treatment of ED

Men that are distress from ED issue can get the coverage of insurance for its treatment contingent to the category of treatment they are adopting. The sex remedies and the medicines are not covered under the insurance of the ED treatment.

Does the man attaining the erection during the morning time does not suffer from ED?

It does not matter that whether a man is getting an erection at the time of morning or night. He might be suffering from ED. Such condition is also known as the incomplete ED problem that might disappear as soon as the problem is resolved. It might occur also when a man undergoes some kind of psychological issue like nervousness, anxiety or depression.

Does a person who does not get an erection is surely suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction?

There are so many different reasons that lead the issue of ED in men. It is not right to say that a person who is facing certain temporary problems or problem of tiredness is not going to attain the erection. Men who are suffering from ED will have to face a prolonged problem if it’s not treated on right time. The causes of not getting the proper erection are numerous and thus it is advisable to see a doctor before beginning the treatment.