Erectile Dysfunction in Detail

Occasional erection problem is not an alarming thing. Sometimes due to stress and anxiety men fail to get or maintain erection during sexual activity. It commonly happens to men. On the contrary, if the problem is experienced for a long time, then it is time to pay heed to it. This lasting erectile issue to maintain erection during sexual intercourse is called impotence or erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that makes men incapable to penetrate due to defective erections. Erection loss is either in the form of weak erections or no erections at all. Diagnosing impotence is mandatory.

Seeing a doctor is quite confusing for men sometimes. They are not aware when to consult. Occasional impotence is a common thing, that’s what complicates the situation more. However, it is important to see a doctor when symptoms of ED start occurring regularly. ED symptoms that should not be ignored at any cost are mentioned below:

1) Erection loss in men causes emotional imbalance in their life. Depression, stress, anxiety, tension etc are the outcomes. So, when you start experiencing erection loss continuously, it is time to see a doctor.

2) ED does not always mean complete loss of erections. The other symptom is, men achieve erection but fail to maintain for longer period. This is a worse situation of men’s life.

3) Reduced desire for sex is also a sign of erectile dysfunction.

All the impotence signs mentioned above need to be taken seriously and seeing doctor become compulsory.

Taking doctor’s help also throws light on many parameters that are otherwise hard to ascertain on own. Doctor tells the exact cause of impotence and also prescribes treatments. There are certain medications doctor dictates that can treat ED in a short patch of time. Some erectile dysfunction medications suggested by doctors are- generic Viagra, kamagra, kamagra oral jelly, Levitra, Cialis, zenegra, forzest, suhagra, apcalis, and so on. These medications are highly doing rounds as they are highly effective as well as their nature is also simple and easy. But, for availing them, prescription form a doctor is must. Taking them over the counter can be harmful and may deteriorate sexual and overall health.

While taking medications, it is important to understand that these drugs can cause side effects too. The drug intake should be preceded by the complete knowledge about the drug in all respects. Speak with your doctor about side effects too and go for consultation if experience side effects. Impotence drugs mentioned above have side effects ranging from simple to severe. Be at ease if experience dizziness, runny nose, upset stomach, nausea, facial flushing etc. Not every symptom is a sign of danger. However, right away treatment is required in the case of symptoms like heart attack, chest pain, strokes, vision loss, hearing loss, severe dizziness, and painful erections. Side effects usually occur if the rules of the drug intake are not followed in a proper manner. Therefore, always go with the drug instructions and enjoy safe treatment.

Generic drugs are pretty common today to treat impotence. They give complete competition to branded drugs. Even generic drugs contain the same element of branded drugs and also in the exact ratio. Generic drug like generic Viagra, kamagra, suhagra, forzest, and all are perfectly capable. These drugs are known to take around 30 minutes to come into action, which is very impressive. Combating erectile dysfunction is easy today with the help of generic drugs. Almost 90% men prefer generic drugs over other available treatments. Generic drugs are manufactured under strict vigilance and all set standards are followed while manufacturing them.

It is true that male sexual disorders like impotence prevent men and their partner from attaining sexual satisfaction. ED is a common health problem of men and affect irrespective of men’s age. However, generic drugs have reduced the pressure of erectile dysfunction to a greatest degree. Confidence that they have given to men is tremendous. In fact, the invention of drugs has also changed thought process towards ED in the positive direction. Men have come into terms with that impotence is normal and can be treated easily. Above all, men have accepted the fact that being impotent has nothing to do with being shameful. What else can be asked for now.

Inability to keep up erection seems normal in the start, but can be a sign of deep lying sexual problem. Do not take erection problems normally for a longer time. The term used to define the failing of erections on a regular level is erectile dysfunction, also called impotence. Despite men’s efforts to keep up erections, they do not succeed as something dysfunctional is happening in the body. Impotence is a sexual condition of men in which they fail to copulate due to erection failures.

Erectile dysfunction does not affect men’s only sexual health; however, it impacts their mental, emotional and social wellbeing at the same time. They are unable to concentrate anywhere and feel low all the time. Impotent men can never be sexually satisfied as once this problem overtakes, it remains in the system forever. Treatment is the only solution to overcome erectile dysfunction. There is no wayout otherwise. In fact, unsatisfied men pass on dissatisfaction to their partners to as sexual intercourse is an activity requiring partner. This further, elevates their misery and men start feeling inferior and plunges more into depression.

Erections take a whole lot on men’s part. Putting up is no less than a complex process as many parts of the body are involved in it. It starts with stimulation that men feel and this stimulation sends direct signal to the brain. Brain further sends signal to the penile muscles, which start expanding on receiving signal. Penile muscles expansion is required for the blood to flow in without hindrance.  Blood has to be in the penile area till men successfully ejaculates, as erections are all about blood. This is how erections take place normally.

On the contrary, erectile dysfunction or impotence occurs when any of the pathways leading to erections get disrupted. Cause of the ED decides due to which factor impotence occurred. Impotence is a sexual disorder occurred due to disruption in the blood supply to the penis. A penis devoid of blood during intercourse can never attain erection and this condition is ED. Blood supply has to be normalized for attaining harder and stronger and lasting erections. The main cause behind impotence is PDE5 enzyme. It blocks blood from entering penis. Removing this enzyme can only help dealing with impotence.

Impotence or ED can be treated with the help of drug therapy. Other treatments are also there but drugs are best for impotence to get over. They are quick, safe and cost friendly as well. These days’ generic drugs are much in use for ED. Sildenafil citrate is the chief component found in ED drugs. Generic medications have made ground for them with their ability to treat ED efficiently. They take around 30 minutes hardly to treat impotence. Drugs are taken on discretion whenever feel like having sex. Generic Viagra is the most renowned generic drug for impotence.

Generic Viagra and other drugs like it work by blocking the enzyme PDE5. This drug releases the other enzyme in the body cGMP. Nitric oxide is also released by the drug for softening penile muscles. cGMP enzyme is important for pushing blood towards penis. The drug other than treating ED also boosts men’s performance and stamina. This superb formula is a great counterattack to impotence. Men of varied age groups are eligible for the drug. There can be various causes of ED, but the solution is one, that is, generic Viagra. Generic drugs are not too expensive; so many men are in awe of them.

Time has come to spread awareness about erectile dysfunction and possible treatments for it. This sexual disorder has created much unnecessary chaos in men’s life. Awareness can change the situation. It is foolish to remain in darkness in the era so many healthy and safe treatments. Medications are best treatment for impotence and everyone should make their use to make their sexual life better. In fact, these drugs can be ordered online. Just with few clicks drugs like generic Viagra can be ordered online sitting at home. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder but treatable one, so take the fear out and enjoy life.