Diabetes and How it Affects Men Health

Many of you (especially men) have seen the advertisements on your television regarding the sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction (ED) and take it as a joke sometimes. But if you are suffering from diabetes then, it can surely affect your health. Around 76 percent of the males who have diabetes possess the problem of maintaining and retaining an erection for the longer period at the time of intercourse.

However, diabetes does not end your sexual life. If you keep your diabetes under control then it lets you safeguard the sexual working of the body. However, if the condition of your sexual life has already begun to disrupt your sexual satisfaction then it is better to meet your doctor as soon as you can to overcome this problem.

In what way diabetes results in the sexual dysfunction?

The procedure of the erection needs the participation of different body parts. For example, the nerves of your body sense the pleasant feelings, the brain helps in making you feel aroused and the arteries supply the blood towards the penile region.

Unluckily, if your diabetes is out of control then, it might collapse that cooperation of the body parts. The high level of sugar in the blood for the longest time can dull your nerves as well as harm the veins which that supply blood to the penis. You will surely get stimulated but it will be very difficult for you to convert those feelings into the successful erection.

The failure does not occur instantly. The maximum number of men gets suffers from diabetes for several years and acknowledge it once they find difficulty in erections. Diabetic male hardly possess any problem with ED before the age of 30 years.

You can overcome the issue of ED as soon as you control diabetes. However, in the case of levels of sugar in the blood, you should know the right range. The sugar levels are check through a lab test known as HbA1c (glycosylated hemoglobin) that tells you about the average amount of glucose in the blood for more than two to three months. If the HbA1c is under 7 percent then it means that your blood sugar is in control. But if it is more than 7 percent then, you have the higher risk of damage to the arteries and nerves which can later result in the problem of ED.

There are some different views by famous doctors opposing to prevalent conviction, drugs for diabetes and insulin do not obstruct erections. By decreasing the glucose levels in your blood, these medicines decelerate harm to your arteries and nerves. Such medicines might essentially benefit from retaining your love life strong.

Is diabetes responsible for the other sexual complications?

Few males who are suffering from diabetes and also the males who are not suffering from diabetes get inclined to an ailment called retrograde ejaculation. Besides ejaculating from the penile area, the semen moves back inside the bladder. It does not make their sexual relationship less enjoyable; however, a man with the disorder might require medical assistance so as to become the father in the future.

Which is the best way to cure the erectile dysfunction?

If you are a man who is facing the health problem of diabetes along with the ED then, don’t stay quiet. Remove the misconception from your mind that it is a rare issue and talking about it to someone make you feel down.

Every man having ED does not want to go under treatment and live with the problem. However, such men must talk to their doctor regarding their health issue and the only doctor can better tell you that whether diabetes is responsible for the ED or not.

In order to cure the erectile dysfunction connected to diabetes, you must grab the cause of the issue i.e. high levels of sugar in the blood. Try to bring the A1C level under the 8% and you will surely feel that sexual issues getting disappear without any treatment. On the other hand, if the A1C remains more than the 10 %, then even the best treatments might not be adequate to reinstate the erections.

After controlling your sugar levels, you might require some additional power. You can go for the oral drug which helps in increasing the flow of blood towards the penis. However if your diabetes has numb the arteries in the penile area, then these medicines might not function. Following are the 3 drugs permitted by the FDA:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Vardenafil (Levitra)

All of the above 3 medications function in the same manner but differs in dose, the period of efficacy and probable side effects. You cannot take these drugs along with the nitrate drugs, a blood dilution medicine or some kinds of alpha blockers.

Important points to bear in mind

  • Some quantity of alcohol might benefit you in enhancing your mood but taking it too much can spoil the erections.
  • Doing smoking might hurt the blood veins which nourish the penis. Thus, to have more pleasure you should quit smoking.
  • Numerous medicines – comprising certain antidepressants, blood pressure medications, and ulcer pills, may result in the ED. You can talk about this with your doctor and he/she might change your medicines which can result in a huge difference later.

Comprehend that all males experience the certain education in sex determination and act as they get older. Some men who are older still enjoy the harder erections but only for shorter time and with less firmness. It is a natural process through which everybody goes. However, with a good communication with the doctor and your partner you can still maintain the good erection at the time of arousal with full enjoyment and excitement.