Constipation: Causes & Treatments

There are so many causes of constipation but the main cause is related to the person’s diet. Constipation is a painful and common condition of a digestive system. Everyone can get affected by this problem at some point of time. Mostly elder people face this problem more than others. One who does not have a bowl movement from last 3 days is called that the person is suffering from this problem. Person’s diet and the medical condition are mainly responsible for this problem. Here we are talking about some foods that cause constipation.

Dairy Products: Dairy products are most common preps that cause constipation problem. Dairy products are rich in fats and low in fiber hence these food items are not good for our digestive system and we often face constipation problem. Dairy products like whole milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream interfere in the normal functioning of our digestive system. To prevent constipation avoid these products at any cost.

Fast Food: Fast foods does not only causes constipation problem but also cause cardiovascular diseases. Fast foods or processes foods when go under processing they lost their natural fiber. If you are one of those who are suffering from constipation problem then do not include such unhealthy foods in your diet. Pizza, pasta, burger, fries, chips and frozen dinners are some common examples of fast foods.

Meat Products: Meat products are rich in protein and these products have their own advantages and disadvantages also. Our digestive system cannot digest meat products easily and these products put some extra pressure on out digestive system. If we consume such products on regular basis we can face constipation or all other kind of digestive system related problems. Your diet should be fiber rich if you are eating animal protein. In meat products red meat is the main cause of constipation. Nutritionists suggest eating meat products along with vegetables as vegetables are rich in fiber hence meat products will be easy to digest.

Sweeteners: Most of all love sugary foods. These foods also lead to constipation. Being low in fiber and high in fats sugary foods are like cakes, pastries, soft drinks, candy etc. lead to constipation problem. Hence these sweet stuffs are big no no to people who are suffering from constipation.

Having lack of fiber rich foods in our meals lead to constipation problem. You can overcome this problem simply by eating high fiber foods. If your daily calorie intake in 2000 then it is advised to consume at-least 30 grams of fiber every-day. The symptoms of constipation are bowl movements, abdominal bloating etc. Let’s talk about the natural remedies for constipation.

Increase Water Intake: If you are suffering from constipation then you must consume high fiber diet. A person who is on high fiber diet should increase the intake of water. Drink plenty of water on daily basis or you can also use vegetables or fruit juice as fluids. Clear vegetables soup is also the best fluid to take as it also helps in digestion and prevent several digestion problems including constipation.

Reduce the Intake of Sugar: People who love to eat sugary foods are often seen constipated. Hence cut down the sugar intake to the minimum. Avoid all kind of sugary products like pastries, ice creams, cakes and all other sugary products.

Flax Seed: Flax seeds aid the constipation problem in a natural way. Roast flax seeds lighter so that they can lose the moisture within them. Having two table spoons of flax seeds power in the morning and two table spoons in the night before going to with a glass of warm water helps in treating constipation problem and it also helps in all other various types of digestive system problems. Do not consume more than required flax seeds powder as it may have reverse effects on your health.

Besides all this one can eat fruits like grapes, papaya, oranges, pear etc. to avoid constipation problem. Having two table spoons of natural honey along with lukewarm water every day in the morning also help in constipation.