Causes of Over Sleeping and How to Prevent it

Sleep is an important thing in our daily routine. A healthy sleep is necessary for a healthy life. Our body is just like a machine which needs to slow down and rest to function properly for rest of the time. Inability to get proper sleep can lead to day time sleepiness and decreased productivity. A sleep of 8 hours per day is appropriate and it should be undisturbed and smooth.

Over sleeping is when you sleep most of the time or more than what you need. While sleeping is healthy, over sleeping is nowhere close to healthy. There should be moderation and you should only follow a necessary sleep pattern. Sleeping through the day is a very bad habit.

Sometimes, you just are unable to get over your sleep issues. It becomes impossible for you to control your amount of sleep, no matter how much you compel yourself. In such cases, there can be some obvious causes behind. Following are a few causes of over sleeping.

Poor Sleep Quality

If you keep waking up during the sleep due to noises around you, you won’t be able to wake up fresh in the morning and it will lead to day time sleepiness.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing during the sleep and then wake up due to deficiency of oxygen. This cycle keeps repeating the whole night. Because it disturbs your sleep, you can face excessive sleepiness all the time.


Hypothyroidism is a very common causes of over sleeping. Thyroid hormone is necessary for proper body functioning and when this hormone is less in amount than required, it leads to excessive sleepiness.

Psychological Effect

The idea that you didn’t get enough sleep can make you feel sleepy all the time. So if you are having enough sleep, that is 7 to 9 hours per day, realize it and don’t ask for more.

Drugs Side Effects

Many drugs are sedative and cause excessive sleepiness through the day. If you are facing the problem of oversleeping, review the medicines which you are taking.

Bad Schedule

Our internal clocks are scheduled to sleep at night and wake up in morning. If your internal clocks are messed up, they will mess up your sleep routine too, making you feel sleepy during the day time.

Psychiatric Disorders

Psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety are an important cause of over sleeping due to the fact that they take away your will to come out of the bed and face the world every morning. While over sleeping is a bad and unhealthy habit, it is necessary to prevent or curb it. But the question is, how to prevent over sleeping? Following are a few tips that will help you overcome over sleeping habits.

Make A Schedule For Your Day

Schedule the things that you are going to do each day and stick to it. Fix the times when you are going to sleep and wake up. This is going to help you prevent over sleeping.

Make Your Sleep Sound

Make sure that your 8 hours sleep is good and not interrupted by any noises. A deep and sound sleep for a designated period of time will make sure that you wake up fresh.

Review Your Drugs

If you are taking any drugs, double check! Your drugs might be the reason behind your excessive sleepiness as many drugs have a sedative side effect. You can replace it with some non-sedative option with the help of your doctor.

Lose Weight

Being overweight is a major cause of over sleeping as it leads to sleep apnea. So control your weight to make sure that you have a peaceful and smooth sleep over the night.

Get Yourself Checked

Meet a doctor and get your blood tests done. Check hormonal levels to make sure that you are not suffering from any hormonal disorder that is causing you excessive sleepiness.


Morning exercise is a tried and tested way to keep you active through the way. That exercise makes you fresh and makes sure that your whole day is full of energy rather than sleepiness and laziness.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Dehydration can actually lead to sleepiness! Water keeps your brain hydrated and hence keeps the over sleepiness away. Make sure that you drink 8 to 12 glass of water per day.