Weight Gain and Methods to Conquer It

In the modern world of today, advanced technologies and latest modalities have made our life easy and comfortable. However, all this comfort comes with a cost and that is not only monetary. These facilities have made our lifestyle way too sedentary, leading to various problems. One of such major problems is obesity! Obesity is one biggest health issue that is being faced all over the world. The sedentary lifestyle, increased junk food intake, and deficiency of sporty activities have made obesity one biggest modern day disease. According to the last report released by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and older were overweight. The number would have doubled by now owing to high rate of increase of obesity.

Being overweight is the main cause of many modern day diseases like diabetes and heart problems. Everyone should make fitness sure and should try to shed extra pounds by calculating Body Mass Index (BMI).

If you are overweight, you should never take it casual as it can pose many serious threats to the general health. Here are a few tips and methods to help you conquer the weight gain.

Calculate Your Body Mass Index

Calculating Body Mass Index (BMI) is an important step to start maintaining your weight. BMI is the ratio of your weight to squared height. Once you know what your BMI is, you can understand how much weight you should shed in order to maintain the ideal weight. The formula to calculate BMI is easy.

BMI= Weight (In kg)/Height2 (In cm)

A normal BMI range is 18-25 for adults. A BMI above 25 is considered overweight and 30 or above falls under the category of obese. So calculate your BMI and assess how much extra weight you have on you.

Review Your Diet

Your diet obviously has the greatest role in making you obese. If you have this habit of eating junk while sitting on your office desk, leave it immediately. Junk foods not only make you gain weight but are also deficient in elements of a balanced diet.

Take fresh vegetables and fruits instead of oily and junk foods. Skip on carbonated drinks and use fresh juices or lemonade. Add more protein to your diet instead of fats and carbs. Proteins will build your muscle mass rather than increasing stored fat.

Review Your Lifestyle

Are you used to a sedentary lifestyle? You are doing bad to your health and it will have long term effects. Adopt an active lifestyle to not only avoid weight gain but to stay healthy, fresh, and active.

Adopt the habit of daily walk. A 30 minutes walk per day will do wonders. Start doing small things on your own rather than taking help of a machine or helper. A gym routine 3 days a week will be one best thing you can do to your health.

Change Bad Habits

Many people have this habit of munching on unhealthy snacks while studying, working, or watching TV even without being hungry. This is a very bad habit. If you like to have little snacks during day, replace them with healthy options.

Use salads instead of potato chips. You can also keep a jar of dry fruits and nuts on your side table. A handful is enough to satisfy your snack cravings and they are healthy as well.

Make Your Meals Regular

People who tend to eat irregularly, gain weight more often. If you have no fixed time for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it will not only affect your digestive system but will also lead to weight gain.

Make sure that your meals are regular with a 4 to 5 hours gap between them.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Many people make this mistake of ignoring breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting your day without breakfast is like making a machine work without proper energy and fuel. It disturbs your digestive system.

According to researches, people who never skip their breakfast tend to maintain weight for years and years as compared to the ones who skip it. So have a power breakfast every morning that can contain skimmed milk, cereals, peanut butter, eggs, yogurt etc.

Following these basic tips will help you not only conquer the excessive weight gain but you will be able to maintain it as well.