Types of Erectile Dysfunction and Its Treatments

Erectile dysfunction is a particular type of sexual disorder affecting men’s ability to complete sexual activity. A man is said to have ED if persistently he finds it difficult to keep up erections during sexual activity. Sexual intercourse is a game of getting erections and penetration. Inactive or faulty erections lead to incomplete intercourse, hence causes misery for men and their partners both. Sexual disorders of men are of other types also, but ED is peculiar. It revolves around erections. On one or few occasions it is completely okay to go through erection problem, however, if the problem persists, it really becomes a matter of concern.

Until the discovery of erectile dysfunction drugs like generic Viagra, Levitra, cialis, suhagra, zenegra, and so on, there was a chaos in men’s life. However, since the uncovering of PDE5 inhibitor drugs, big relief has touched men. ED is a treatable condition is a big revelation. These medications have made erectile dysfunction a common sexual problem and pushed men to talk about the issue with their physician. It can happen to anyone and by keeping quiet men only give call to trouble. Medications are easier wayout and should be adopted in case of ED.

PDE5 inhibitors are only available on prescription. These drugs are healthier option as compared to other treatments available for erectile dysfunction. Branded as well as generic drugs, both are available to treat ED. The only difference is branded medications are too costly as compared to generic drugs. Resorting to generics is safer and one should not be skeptical about them. Generic Viagra is popular of all. It contains the same component Sildenafil citrate, present in its branded counterpart. Just try the drug once and all doubts would automatically be put to rest. Generic Viagra is a proper prescribed medication and available only on prescription.

Generic Viagra can possibly treat ED irrespective of the cause. However, the underlying cause of ED can range from simple to severe. Chiefly physical and psychological are the main reasons behind the occurrence of erectile dysfunction in men.  It is worth consulting a doctor about the cause of ED, rather than simply starting drugs treatment. ED can impact overall health. A proper diagnosis helps to resolve both sexual abnormalities as well as the medical issue. ED drugs are only meant to treat ED and do not touch on any other parameter. In fact, they do not even treat any other sexual disorder other than erectile dysfunction.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction are wide ranged. Some of the known ones are- heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tyroid, peyronie disease and so on. If undergoing any physical health disease or disorder, do inform doctor before starting the drug treatment. Erectile dysfunction can also take place due to some prescription drugs like hypertension drugs, diuretics, anxiety drugs, heart medications etc. 99 percent the cause of ED are physical causes.  In rare cases psychological causes lead to sexual disorders in men like erectile issues. Depression, anxiety, stress, guilt, mental illnesses are some of the factors causing ED in men.

Drugs like generic Viagra and all are surely efficient to overcome ED; however, what is better is to improve ED with exercises. Natural treatments can regale the problem for a long period of time. Aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, running, swimming and brisk walk are all good enough to treat ED. These workouts aid in blood circulation in the body, thus improve the condition of ED. Kegel exercises are the other best option to treat impotence. These exercises improve the muscles of the pelvic area, which is much required during sexual intercourse. Apart from exercises, other lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, healthy sleep, maintaining weight, alcohol control, etc are important enough to help curtail progression of erectile dysfunction.

Sexual stimulation is must for this medication to work. Don’t misunderstand the drug as aphrodisiac. It is a pure ED treatment. This is a complete men’s drug. Since times now it has been improving the condition of ED in men.

Zenegra – A Powerful Generic Viagra to Treat ED

Zenegra has been in use by men since long time for getting over the sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction. It is a kind of drug, like others, and taken normally orally with water. Record book of zenegra says clearly that this drug is absolutely safe for men and has 100% result oriented attitude. Men can take Viagra Generic to treat ED, but make sure the decision is backed by a medical professional as well for sure. Prescribed medication only give desired results. As said, the drug comes in pill form and comes in various dosages like 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Intake of dose depends entirely on how severe erectile dysfunction is.

Erectile dysfunction is common in men of all age groups these days. It was earlier, when men used to get it with age. Today, hectic schedule and other physical and psychological factors have taken toll over sexual life of men and they get various sexual disorders in young age itself. Thankfully, Generic Viagra can be taken by anyone above the age of 18. Yes, young boys aged 17 and below are not entitled for this drug as the drug is tested to be harmful for them. In this case, it is good to consult a doctor and ask for other suitable treatments.

Zenegra is manufactured by renowned pharmacies that prove essence of the drug. As zenegra is a generic drug, hence, pharmaceuticals specially take care to follow all the standards set for the preparation of its brand ‘Viagra’. This generic drug is exact replica of its brand in each and every respect. The ratio of the components in the drug is also exact. The main ingredient of zenegra is Sildenafil citrate, same present in its brand also. Hence, in all respects, Viagra is a safe and sound medication to bring in use. The drug is available in local pharmacies as well as online too.

Benefits of zenegra are multiple. It makes sexual experience amazing and sustainable too. As long as up to 5 hours men can get engaged in sexual activity after taking zenegra. Yes, orgasm is must for erection to happen. Without the desire for sex, it is not possible to make the drug work. Zenegra is absolutely useful in boosting confidence in men. Depression takes over when men find their sexual life disturbing. At times, their personal relationship also comes at stake due to disturbing sexual life. In such times zenegra acts like a torch and fills light in their life.

Zenegra has its own set of drawbacks and limitations too like all drugs. It is perfectly normal. 100mg Viagra Generic can incur certain side effects in a person taking it. Some side effects are normal like- facial flushing, nausea, blur vision, running nose, stomach upset, vomiting and dizziness and so on. Rare side effects of the drug are heart attack, strokes, chest pain, breathlessness, severe dizziness, hearing loss, vision loss, painful erections etc.

Like side effects, Zenegra has limitations also. They include-

  • The drug is not for men with underlying medical conditions like- heart disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problem, liver problem, and so on.
  • Men who are on other medications and health supplements need to be cautious before taking zenegra. This drug reacts with certain drugs, hence, it is important to inform doctor about drugs and then only take the ED drug.
  • Elderly men should take zenegra only on the consent of their doctor.
  • Women and children are not qualified to take this drug.
  • Engaging in any kind of activity should be forbidden after taking the drug. It can be hazardous as the drug causes dizziness.
  • Heavy foods delay response time. Take the drug on empty stomach or munch on light snacks.

Despite all side effects and limitations, Generic Viagra is considered a best medication treatment by far to treat erectile dysfunction. It is above all other treatments for ED. Men can overcome their sexual problem with ease and without suffering. The drug takes maximum 30 to 45 minutes time. This is not the case with other ED treatments. They take longer and are painful too. Price wise also Zenegra is suitable to all. It is a very less priced drug, hence easily affordable to all.