Tips To Treat Ashy Skin Simply

Skin is the largest organ of your body and it is the outermost as well. When someone looks at you, your skin is what gives the first impression. A healthy, smooth, clear, and moisturized skin is symbol of good internal health. A chapped, dull, and dry skin shows that your internal system has some issues. Ashy skin a common issue which is usually faced in winters. Ashy skin is defined as overly dry skin that doesn’t only look bad but bothers you as well. Sometimes, it becomes too difficult to get rid of this dryness. It doesn’t only embarrass you but can start hurting you as well.

Having a fresh, smooth, moisturized, and glowing skin is what everyone dreams of. However, sometimes it just becomes impossible. You fail to find the cause that makes your skin dry and dehydrated.

Drink Plenty of Water

The amount of water you take is reflected on your skin. If you drink lesser than required amount of water, you skin becomes dry, ashy, and dull. If you drink adequate amount of water, you skin become healthy and glowing. So drink plenty of water to make sure that your skin stays hydrated.

There is also a common misconception that in winters, you don’t need much water. Water is always necessary to help your body functions run properly, no matter what the season is. So never skip on water even if it is winter.

Stop Using Hot Water for Bath

Hot water is a major cause of skin dryness in winter. While the winter itself is drying, hot bathes dry even more. It is better to use warm water instead of hot. Also, make sure that your baths are not too long.

If you apply an oil like extra virgin coconut oil on your body after the bath, it will help retain moisture in your skin.

Moisturize Your Skin Regularly

Moisturizing is an important part of skin care regime, make sure you never skip it. People usually only moisturize face and tend to ignore rest of the body. This is a very wrong practice. Your whole body needs moisturizing. When you get your face moisturizer, make sure that you get a body butter too. Use these moisturizers every day, especially after washing or bath.

Exfoliation Is Necessary

Your skin is renewing its cells every minute. The old cells become dead and shed off while the new cells grow from the basal layer. These dead cells may accumulate on the surface, giving your skin a dry and ashy look. Therefore, it is necessary to exfoliate your skin regularly.

Make a habit of exfoliating your whole body two times a week. You can use a loofah for the purpose or a body scrub. Keep a face scrub separately.

Using Humidifier Is a Good Option

Air becomes dry and loses its moisture during winters. This moisture is further killed by heaters and fire that you use at your home or officeto keep it warm. This is why, using a humidifier is a good idea. It will make sure that moisture level in air is appropriate and hence will save your skin from become ashy and parched.

Eat Hydrating Foods

Water is not the only source of hydration, your food matters too! Try to have a diet which contains high content of water. Cucumber, lettuce, oranges, and water melon are a few fruits and vegetables which have high content of water in them. Make sure that your diet contains a portion of them.

Avoid Heating Your Skin

Heat has the ability to evaporate water so don’t get too close to fire or heaters. Heat from them can evaporate the moisture in your skin, making it look dry and ashy. Always maintain a safe distance from heating sources.

Don’t Scratch!

When your skin is dry, it becomes itchy. However, you should try your best to skip the scratching part as it makes your skin look even worse. So whenever you feel itchy, apply some moisturizer instead. It will relieve itch too.

Say Good Bye to Soaps

Soaps have an alkaline pH which is higher than our normal skin pH. This is why, soaps can dry your skin. Use some soap free, moisturizing body or face wash instead. You will notice a visible difference.