Know Everything About Erectile Dysfunction

When a man suffers from the problem of erectile dysfunction, it becomes very difficult for him to attain and retain a strong erection during the sexual relationship. It hinders the completion of their sexual activity. Maximum number of males in the world has sometimes faced a certain problem with their penile area that doesn’t stay too form or hard for a long time. But, you have to concern about the problem of erectile dysfunction if you are not succeeding in your sexual performance most often.

The introduction of the drug called Viagra or sildenafil has helped lots of people in overcoming the problem of penile erections. Maximum men now know that the health disorder of impotence is now a curable medical ailment.

All those males suffering from the issues of their low sexual performance are not usually keen to have a word with their physician. They consider it an awkward matter.

But, now people know lots of things about men impotence and there are exploring and using all the available treatments. In the below article, we will provide you with all the important information about erectile dysfunction so that you can overcome it easily with full knowledge in advance.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is known as the continuous difficulty by men in attaining and retaining the adequate that is required for the completion of the sexual act. The causes behind the ED are generally medical but some men also suffer from it due to psychological reasons.

The main causes of the male impotence are the primary medical disorder that impacts the nerves or blood vessels which supplies blood towards the penile area. Moreover, there are lots of treatment medications, recreational medications, liquor, and smoking that result in ED.

Causes of Erectile dysfunction

Generally, the functioning of the erectile might be influenced by the issues related to the below things:

  • Flow of blood
  • Blood supply to the nerves
  • Balance of hormones in the body

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

It is true that the problem of erectile dysfunction makes the man feel embarrassed. In such a case, it is beneficial to consult a doctor about the impotence problem as it might turn into a serious medical disorder in the future.

Even if the reason behind ED is severe or simple but a correct analysis could only help in finding any primary medical problems in order to find a solution to the sexual problems.

The below are the common organic as well as physical causes of the erectile dysfunction:

  • Diabetes
  • heart ailment and contraction of blood vessels
  • high cholesterol
  • high BP (blood pressure)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • obesity and metabolic disorder
  • hormonal ailments comprising thyroid disorders and testosterone insufficiency
  • multiple sclerosis
  • smoking, heavy drinking, and substance misuse, comprising cocaine usage
  • physical or functional disorder of the penile area, like Peyronie disease
  • surgical difficulties
  • treatments for the prostate ailment
  • radiation therapy to the genital area
  • wounds inside the genital region or spinal cord

There are so many prescription drugs that result in the problem of ED, for example:

  • heart medicines such as digoxin
  • medications to control high BP
  • medications which work over the central nervous system, comprising certain sleeping medications and amphetamines
  • certain diuretics
  • antidepressants, comprising selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), and tricyclic antidepressants
  • anxiety cures
  • certain cancer medications, comprising chemotherapeutic agents
  • opioid anesthetics
  • anticholinergic
  • prostate cure medications
  • the digestive ulcer medicine cimetidine
  • hormone medications

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

In some uncommon circumstances, a male might have impotence or might not once have attained an erection. Such condition is known as primary erectile dysfunction in which the cause is psychological and not physiological. The below are a few psychological causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • anxiety of intimacy
  • Guiltiness
  • severe nervousness
  • Depression

In the maximum number of circumstances the causes of erectile dysfunction are ‘secondary.’ It means that erectile dysfunction has been usual, however, converts into an issue later. The reasons behind new and obstinate issue are generally bodily.

It is very rare that the psychological causes result in ED. It can be treated with some medical attention easily. You should note that there might be a connection in the middle of medicinal and psychosocial reasons. For example, in the body of the male suffering from the problem of obesity the flow of blood fluctuates which can impact his capability of attaining the erection. It means that is a physical reason. But, he might too have less confidence that can influence erectile role and is also a psychosocial reason.

Treatment of the erectile dysfunction

You will love to hear that there are numerous treatments for curing erectile dysfunction. The below are few details of the treatments that successfully work for most of the men:

  1. Drug treatments

Males suffering from impotence can consume a collection of drugs known as phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. These pills need to consume 30 minutes to 60 minutes before indulging in the sexual activity. One of the best drugs for curing ED is the blue color pill known as Viagra or sildenafil. Besides Viagra, the below are few other drugs that can take for curing erectile dysfunction:

  • tadalafil (taken as a once-daily pill called Cialis)
  • vardenafil (Levitra)
  • avanafil (Stendra)

You can buy the PDE-5 inhibitors if you have got the valid prescription from your doctor. A physician can analyze for heart disorders and enquire regarding other drugs that you are taking earlier.

The following are the side-effects that are related with PDE-5 inhibitors:

  • visual abnormalities
  • flushing
  • indigestion
  • hearing loss
  • a headache

Prostaglandin E1 is one more name of the drug that is less commonly utilized for curing ED. It is used either by vaccinating inside the penile area or injecting inside the urethra’s opening. However, maximum males prefer to consume a pill as it is easy and affordable.

  1. Online drugstores

You can buy the medicines for curing ED from the online drugstores easily at a reasonable price. But, caution is also recommended during the online purchase of the drugs.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) introduce a customer care guide regarding the online buying of the ED drugs. You should check the below things in the online store before beginning any purchase:

  • It should be a licensed druggist
  • It should provide you a direct communication for discussing any issues
  • It must ask you for the prescription always

According to the guidelines by FDA, there are so many insecure websites that deal in these drugs. So you should be aware of them too. The below clues can help you in detecting any fraud:

  • Rates of the drugs are intensely lesser in comparison to the other authorized online drugstores.
  • If you cannot contact the website through the phone call
  • Your personal data is not safe
  • Prescription medications are illegally accessible without needing a doctor’s prescription

The fraud websites might supply you the medications of unidentified quality and source. They might supply you the incorrect medication or an unsafe drug.

  1. Vacuum devices

These are a power-driven method of creating the erection in males who don’t desire or cannot make the use of medication for ED. The vacuum devices for producing erections are also useful if a particular drug is not working for the man.

Be sealing the vacuum pump around the penile area, the penis becomes rigid for drawing up body fluid. The blood is prohibited from exiting the penis. The absence of impulsiveness with the usage of these devices makes numerous men use other ED treatments more easily.

  1. Surgical treatments

The below are few surgical treatment preferences that can be chosen for curing ED:

  1. Vascular surgical treatment

It is a surgical treatment for certain males in which the vascular surgery is done. It actually fixes certain veins that result in the problem of ED. However, it is the last option that the doctor recommends. It has a high success rate but also needs long recovery time.

  1. Penile implantations

Males who do not have successful results of the drug cures or any other type of non-intrusive alternatives find the penile implants very useful.

Symptoms of the erectile dysfunction

Sometimes if the males do not attain the erection successfully (rare chances) then, it is not deliberated as a medical issue.

On the other hand, erectile dysfunction is not only an incomplete ability to attain an erection by the penis. The ED symptoms might consist of a problem in retaining an erection for a long time to accomplish the sexual act or an incapability to do ejaculation. Sometimes there are few emotional indications also, like awkwardness, embarrassment, nervousness, and a less curiosity in sexual activity. However, a man is said to suffer from ED if all these symptoms take place often.

Exercises for curing erectile dysfunction

There are few exercises that a male might do for decreasing the consequences of ED.

One of the finest methods to cure ED without drug is by firming the genital muscles with the help of Kegel workouts. Kegel exercises are generally related to the females who want to toughen their pelvic part for the period of prenatal period. However, these exercises might be useful for males that want to recover complete utility of the penis.

Initially, you need to discover the genital muscles. You might do it by discontinuing the urine 2 or 3 times the subsequent time you pee. The muscles which you feel functioning at this time are the pelvic muscles. You will surely feel an improvement in your body after doing these exercises for around six weeks.

You should keep in mind that you need to inhale naturally during the whole procedure and doesn’t strain as you do in urination. In its place, get the muscles composed in an enfolding motion. There are few aerobic activities also like brisk walking or jogging that can benefit in the better circulation of the blood for improving the issues of ED.

Tests for diagnosing erectile dysfunction

There are many probable causes of erectile dysfunction. Your physician will usually enquire you many questions and perform few blood tests. These blood tests might help in other health problems like diabetes, heart complications and low level of testosterone. The physician might also perform a physical check-up, comprising of the genitals.

Before beginning any treatment for ED, your doctor will inspect for the signs that have continued for a minimum period of 3 months.

As soon as your medical history gets been prepared, the physician will now carry out more analysis. He or she will do one easy examination called as ‘postage stamp examination,’ which is quite beneficial in finding that if the reason for ED is bodily instead of psychological.

Males generally can have three to five erections in one single night. The above examination tries to find the occurrence of erections during the night time. If the postage stamps smeared nearby the penile area before sleeping gets broken in the night then, it means that the erection should have taken place. There are few more tests for checking the night-time erection like the Snap-Gauge examination and Poten examination.

All the above tests can deliver partial data however it can benefit in guiding the doctor choice for doing more tests.

Erectile dysfunction is the incapability to create and uphold an erection for an adequate sexual relationship. The risk factors that are related to this problem are increasing age, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and usage of antihypertensive and psychotropic drugs. The right analysis of ED consists of a physical examination, a cautious evaluation of history, and assessment for probable endocrine reasons (like high prolactin levels and low testosterone).

Since the impotence is produced by a multifaceted set of neurologic, psychosocial, and vascular causes, a particular reason in a patient might stay unclear. Social change, comprising dietetic recommending, smoking termination, and optimization of OTC and recommended medications which might be stimulating ED must be the main step in the area of treatment. The PDE5 inhibitors are quite effective and harmless for the impotent patients so, it must be considered initially.

The treatments with the help of Vacuum devices offer satisfactory substitute cure for the men who do not need medical surgery. On the other hand, the substitute treatments, comprising intraurethral suppositories of prostaglandins and intracorporeal injection must be scanned carefully.