Kamagra – A Rewarded ED Treatment

Kamagra is regarded a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is generic by nature. Its proprietary drug is Viagra. However, kamagra hardly differs from its brand. The basic ingredient is same in both the drugs, its Sildenafil citrate. Kamagra is tolerable due to its mild and safe nature. Anyone can take it, however, to be safe, take the drug on prescription. This medication comes in two different forms- kamagra pills and kamagra oral jelly. Pills are to be swallowed with water and oral jelly can be directly taken into mouth. Both the versions are equally effective and treat erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction in men is an indication that the amount of blood flow required to the penis for getting erections has been hindered due to some reason. An inception of enzyme in men’s body known as PDE5 enzyme causes all the trouble. The origination of this enzyme in the body can have both physical and psychological causes behind it. What’s important is to remove it for healthy erections. Kamagra inhibits PDE5 enzyme and restore cGMP enzyme in the body. cGMP enzyme smoothes blood flow to the penis. Less blood flow makes penile arteries hard, hence impairs blood to flow. This drug also softens the arteries by releasing nitric oxide.

The working mechanism of the drug is absolutely natural. During normal erections also men need to be sexually stimulated to gain erections. Sexual stimulation is also mandatory when taking kamagra. Expecting erections without arousal is impossible. Kamagra becomes effective after 30 minutes of the ingestion. Men can spend the mean time by engaging in mutual sexual fondling. In fact, it is important for erections. It uplifts arousal and chances become more to gain quick and healthy erections. Kamagra oral jelly is faster than pills. It can impart erection as soon as in 20 minutes. It is easier to take as well and more suitable for those cannot swallow pills or having any mouth relate problem.

If talk about the side effects of the drug, what said is, there are certain symptoms that are normal to occur. Dizziness, redness in face, upset stomach, blur vision, nausea, runny nose are all normal signs followed by the drug uptake. However, rare side effects only occur when too much of kamagra pills have been taken or when dosing instructions are not followed in the right manner. The hazards include- swelling in certain body parts, cardiac arrest, severe dizziness, rashes on skin, painful erections, hearing loss and so on. Rare signs are to be treated without a delay of second.  It is highly recommended and instructed to take the drug in a proper manner.

Exercising certain cautions while on kamagra treatment is must to keep in mind. Avoid kamagra if taking nitrates like nitroglycerin. Nitrates and kamagra together cause harm by lowering blood pressure to a great degree. The combination can be fatal. Likewise, alcohol and grapefruit are also not to be taken with the drug. They affect health in their own ways. Men who have allergy with Sildenafil are also not supposed to kamagra. Tell doctor all about health supplements and other non prescription drugs you are taking before going to start kamagra treatment. If undergone any surgery in the past or even if any surgery is due, make sure to inform doctor about it. Old men need more caution with kamagra. Consult doctor on every step to be safe and sound.

Kamagra is a sure therapy to erectile dysfunction. The drug is only in this world to give relief against ED. There are various forms of men sexual problems. Ejaculation problems, low libido etc all cause sexual dysfunction in men. However, kamagra is only to rectify erection problem. It cannot treat other sexual dysfunctions. Men who take the drug for other sexual disorders can unknowingly bring harm to their health. There are other treatments available for other sexual problems of men.

Enjoy sexual health with kamagra. However, other than including the drug in life to get over ED, also make healthy lifestyle choices. Unhealthy choices also contribute to ED. Chain smokers, heavy drinkers, unhealthy eaters, less sleep takers all come highly in the probability scale of suffering through ED. Why to deliberately give a call to erectile dysfunction. Rather, make changes in lifestyle and stay healthy in many more respects.