Erectile Dysfunction and Its Medications

Generic drugs for erectile dysfunction have taken men by surprise by showing their blazing performance. Availability of numberless options of ED medications have left men baffled completely. Today market is full of variety of drugs for erectile dysfunction, the nightmare in life of men. Online world is also full of orders for generic drugs. Generic drugs are creating waves everywhere. And, they totally deserve the praise they are getting. Every single pill does amazing job on men’s sexual health. ED generic drugs are not just available in pill form, however, today, they have made mark by being available in jelly form and soft tabs form and so on.

Popular generic medications for erectile dysfunction treatment are- generic Viagra, kamagra, generic Levitra, generic Viagra soft tabs, silagra, zenegra, and many more. All these drugs are very interesting and make ED a less severe affair for men. The occurrence of erectile dysfunction is attributed to physical and psychological reasons, and ED generic drugs are absolutely capable of treating it irrespective of the cause. Treatments like blood vessel surgery, penile implants, vacuum pumps, injections etc have become obsolete today. Men are less interested in using them, as they take longer to treat and painful too. Generic drugs have captured the market as well as the minds of men totally.

Nitric oxide is a chemical released by the body on taking the drug that helps in relaxing blood vessels in the penis. As a result, blood flow enhances in the body leading to an erection. However, sexual stimulation plays a major role in the entire process, as in its absence achieving an erection is completely impossible. In about 90% of men, generic medications work as required. Thus, these drugs have become requisite for almost every man, suffering through erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction drugs do not act immediately on impotence. The onset of action happen minimum after 30 minutes of the drug intake. The meantime should be spent engaging in foreplay as stimulation is mandatory. Erections are impossible if the desire for sex is not within. Therefore, take the pill 30 to 40 minutes prior to the sexual intercourse. Once the drug comes into action, the effect remains for 4 to 5 hours and as long as to 36 hours. Hence, men can enjoy the sex satisfactorily.

There are casual outcomes of the drug that last for shorter periods.  For example, men can go through slight headache, muscle ache, upset stomach, nausea, changes in vision, running nose and some more symptoms. However, short stay of these and such symptoms evince health is perfectly fine and the drug can be continued taking. On the contrary, on experiencing, heart failure, shortness of breath, severe headache, drowsiness, and more such symptoms, it is urgently required to take medical help. Generic drugs for erectile dysfunction are safer to take, however, if taken without prescription can show serious symptoms. So, always see your physician before proceeding with these medications.

Erectile dysfunction has been experienced by many men for years. Especially this problem comes with age. As men cross 60, erections start ditching. However, these days even young men in 30’s and above are also falling prey to impotence. Increasing physical and mental stress in life is the chief reason. It has become significant to take care of health. With the help of some health tips, it is possible to keep away with erectile dysfunction. Health tips to avoid and control erectile dysfunction are:

Regulate Foods

There is a saying, ‘anything that is bad for your heart is also bad for your penis’. Heart problems are chiefly attributed to what you eat. A person with heart issues needs to regulate eating patterns immensely. The diet should includes, vegetables, fruits, grains, healthy fats etc. Erectile dysfunction is rarely found in men eat healthy foods.

Check Out Body Weight

Being overweight is dangerous to health and so to sexual health. Type 2 diabetes is the common occurrence in people with excess body fat. Type 2 diabetes is about nerve damage, hence, erectile dysfunction occurs. For erection to take place, a signal has to be received by penis which is sent by brain nerves to it. In case of nerve damage, this is not possible; hence erection is also not possible.

Regular Workout

Exercising regularly contributes immensely in avoiding the problem of erectile dysfunction. When a person exercises daily, blood flow in the body is adequate and takes place in healthy manner. Thus, proper blood flow to the penis also happens, which in turn gets relief from impotence.

Quit Smoking

Blood vessels are at high risk in people addicted to the habit of smoking. When blood vessels get damage, blood flow gets restricted, hence many health problems occur. Erections are dependent on blood flow to the penis. Hence, in case of no blood supply due to damaged blood vessels, it is sure to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Minimize Stress

The hormone Adrenaline gets secreted in the body in response to stress. The presence of this hormone in the body leads to the contraction of blood vessels, which is bad for erections. As blood vessels narrows down, blood flow get hindered, hence, penis does not receive enough blood to provide erections. As a result, the problem of erectile dysfunction takes place.

A problem with erections is a serious issue and should be addressed immediately. Erectile dysfunction is treatable, if not cured. Generic drugs are amazing at dealing with male impotence and are making mark everywhere around the world.