Denser Eyelashes And Treat Glaucoma With Bimatoprost

Bimatoprost is an eye medication (the drop form) used for the treatment of particular eye diseases. Typical example of such eye ailments treated with this medication is open-angle glaucoma. Another example is the ocular hypertension found in many older people. Also, this medication can be applied to get dense eyelashes.

Birmatoprost and Glaucoma Treatment

High pressure in an individual’s eye is the cause of glaucoma. If not treated properly, glaucoma may ultimately result in loss of vision. This eye-drop medication can help treat glaucoma, hence prevent loss of vision by making the pressure in your eye minimal and bringing eye pain to an end.

Bimatoprost and Denser Eyelash

As mentioned earlier, the medication is also applied for the treatment of eyelash hypotrichosis (insufficient eyelashes). Ultimately, the medicine will boost eyelash growth and help to increase the thickness and length of your eyelashes, including its darkness. You should use this medication only with the prescription of an eye specialist or doctor.

Considerations Prior to Using the Medication

Before using this medicine, your doctor would tell you the risks involved, so that you can weigh them against the benefits that the medication offers. So, here are some things to consider while preparing to use the medication;

  • Allergic reactions: Inform your doctor about any previous allergies to this medication or other medications. You should also mention other allergies you’ve experienced, whether from foods, preservatives or other sources.
  • Age consideration: It is discouraged to use the medication in treating glaucoma and ocular hypotension in kids and young people below the age of 16.
  • Stick to other instructions that your doctor will give as it relates to the use of this medication.

Using the Medication Properly

  • As always, you will be on a safer side when you follow your doctor’s instructions about using any medication – and birmatoprost is not an exception. Don’t exceed the dosage as directed by your physician or on the usage information attached to the package.
  • In case you have to use another eye medicine while using birmatoprost (only when the doctor prescribes such usage), you should allow 5 (five) minutes to elapse before taking the other eye medication. This way, the second medication will not interfere with the first.
  • You should take off your contact lenses (if you’re wearing one) prior to applying the medication to avoid interference with the lenses that may result in eye irritation. You can wear your lenses back about fifteen minutes after using the eye-drop.

Using the Medication

Step #1: Wash your hands properly. Then, bend your head backwards and use your finger to press the skin under your lower eyelid gently. Create a space by pulling your lower eyelid away from your eye. Next, apply a drop of the eye solution into the space you created.

Step #2: Release your eyelid and close your eyes in a gentle manner. Try not to blink and ensure your eyes stay closed for about 2 minutes or less, so that the eye solution can penetrate into your eye properly.

Step #3: Use a clean piece of tissue to get rid of excess eye-drop around your eye.

Step #4: Go through the process again if it appears the medicine did not drop into your eyes as it should.

Step #5: Wash your hands immediately after use to get rid of remnant of the solution on your hands.

Using Bimatoprost to Get Dense Eyelash

Here are the steps involved;

Step #1: Clean your face properly and remove any make-up, as well as contact lenses prior to applying the medication.

Step #2: Wash your hands properly (prior to use and after use).

Step #3: Put a drop of the medicine on the applicator; apply along the margin of your upper eyelid skin in an even manner.

Step #4: Use clean piece of cloth or tissue to take out any leftover around your eyes.

Step #5: Follow the same steps above to apply the medicine to the other upper eyelid margin. This time, you should use a fresh applicator.

Caution: Don’t use the medication on your lower eyelashes. And, throw away the applicators after applying the medication.

Finally, keep bimatoprost away from germ by not allowing the applicator’s tip to come in contact with any surface.